Mob's Easy Tapas Recipes

Croquetas are, like, the most delicious things on the planet and these simple Spanish-inspired recipes will help you create a world-beating tapas platter.
Crispy Chorizo Croquetas
We’ve combined the best parts of tapas. Oozy croquetas. Smoky chorizo. Nutty manchego. Crispy balls of goodness, perfect to eat whilst feasting on Amazon Prime.
Pan Con Tomate
Cook: 15 mins
The most delicious pan con tomate - a classic Spanish dish. Big juicy tomatoes and garlic on crispy sourdough bread. Recipe By MOB Contributor Thomas Straker.
Smoky Pepper Croquetas
Our favourite bit of tapas turned plant-based. Crispy nuggets spiked with smoky paprika béchamel and charred peppers. So moreish.
The Ultimate Homemade Gazpacho
Cook: 10 mins
Sack off the carton stuff. This recipe is the business. So refreshing, easy and cheap. The bread really bulks it out.
Manchego & Green Olive Tortilla
Cook: 40 mins
A MOB twist to the Spanish classic - green olives and manchego work beautifully in this recipe. Also delicious eaten cold the next day.
Vegan Roast Garlic Aioli
Your favourite dip just turned vegan. We roast our garlic because raw garlic isn't to be tolerated.
Herby Courgette and Halloumi Fritters
Cook: 40 mins
These crispy courgette fritters are a total game changer. It's a great way of using up wilting herbs you have in the fridge to give them a new lease of life.
Crispy Chorizo Loaded Potatoes
Our twist on a favourite tapas dish. Crispy potatoes. Even crispier chorizo. Punchy aioli. A match made in heaven using beautiful Ocado ingredients.