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Mobs Top Vegetarian Recipes
Mob's Top 50 Vegetarian Recipes
Explore a world of flavour with the best vegetarian recipes that are not only fresh and delightful but also perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Indulge in a feast of over 40 top-rated vegetarian recipes carefully curated to please your mouth and stomach. Find out just how good vegetables ca be with our meticulously selected assortment of the finest vegetarian recipes. From a savoury tomato soup to irresistible veggie samosas and the best chickpea and paneer curry you'll ever eat, our collection caters to diverse palates and preferences. Whether you're a diehard vegetarian or simply embarking on the journey to discover the benefits of an almost plant-based lifestyle, our curated recipes are crafted to enhance your culinary skills. Elevate your vegetarian cooking experience and transform dinner time into a proper moment for self-reflection and self-improvement with these easy, mouthwatering vegetarian recipes.
Top Chorizo Recipes
Mob's Top Chorizo Recipes
What does chorizo go well with? Just about everything. From a sausage and chorizo ragù to a stunning chorizo carbonara, these are the best chorizo recipes we've got. This fiery and smoky Spanish ingredient is a great way to add a nice depth to a range of different dishes. You can chuck it in an easy chilli con carne recipe to take it new heights, you could add it into a chickpea stew for an extra hit of flavour, and you even deploy it in some homemade quesadillas. Chorizo is magical stuff.
Delicious Chicken Recipes
Mob's Best Chicken Recipes
You're going to love this carefully curated assortment of easy chicken recipes. Whether you're more into chicken thighs, chicken breasts, or the entire bird, the undeniable deliciousness of chicken takes centre stage in our collection. From succulent roasts to flavourful grills, these chicken recipes cater to just about everyone. Explore a diverse range, from the classic comfort of chicken kiev to the exotic allure of crispy lemongrass chicken and the aromatic richness of chicken biryani. Whether you're looking for family favourites or impressive dinner party dishes that'll make you feel like you're in an episode of The Bear, our recipes will provide a balanced blend of simplicity and taste. Unleash the potential of the humble chicken through our user-friendly, step-by-step dishes. Your journey to mastering the art of chicken cuisine begins here. Click, cook, and savour some of the best chicken recipes ever.
Mobs Tastiest Brunch Recipes
Mob's Tastiest Brunch Recipes
From homemade baked beans to the ultimate fry up, these are our best brunch recipes. Perfect for a weekend treat.
Mobs Top Italian Recipes
Mob's Top Italian Recipes
From pasta alla gricia to big and beautiful meatballs, these are our top Italian recipes. Aubergine parmigiana? Oh, yes.
Mobs Top Gnocchi Recipes
Mob's Best Gnocchi Recipes
You can learn how to make homemade gnocchi or you can simply have a go at some of our easy gnocchi recipes with store-bought gnocchi. From simple chorizo gnocchi to creamy sausage and squash gnocchi, these are our favourite gnocchi recipes. We've got baked gnocchi recipes, vegan gnocchi recipes, and even fried gnocchi recipes here for you to have a peruse through. What does gnocchi go well with? Pretty much everything! We've paired gnocchi with creamy cheesy sauces, rich ragù, and light and bright tomato sauces. There's heaps of versatility in this collection of gnocchi recipes. If you want some healthy gnocchi recipes as well as some not-so healthy gnocchi recipes, you've come to the right place.
Mobs Best Pasta Recipes
Mob's Best Pasta Recipes
Pasta recipes. You love them, we love them, and the whole world loves them. Packed with over 100 of the best pasta recipes, these easy pasta dishes will hit the spot. Aglio e olio? Spaghetti Bolognese? Tuna pasta bake? We've got it all. This collection of the finest pasta recipes promises to change your life. Or, at the very least, your dinner. From creamy pasta recipes to sausage pasta recipes and salmon pasta recipes, these dishes will either make pasta purists incredibly happy or incredibly sad. From artisanal, homemade pasta to easy pasta recipes and simple pasta bakes which will still somehow always end with you making more food than expected, you won't be stuck for choice with our best pasta recipes.
Top Halloween Recipes
Mob's Top Halloween Recipes
What better way is there to celebrate Halloween than with some delicious food? Here are some tasty (and spooky) Halloween recipe ideas.
Winter Warmer Recipes
Mob's Winter Warmer Recipes
Wrap up warm and get ready to tuck into some excellent winter warmer recipes. These will fill you right up.
Best Quick Dinner Recipes
Mob's Quick Dinner Recipes
Craving speedy dinners? Explore our top picks for quick and easy dinner recipes that promise to have you eating a delicious weeknight dinner in no time. From Singapore Noodles to Marmite Gnocchi and Gyoza Soup, these effortless midweek meals are designed to satisfy. Ideal for the weeknight warrior, these swift dinner recipes accommodate various dietary needs while boosting your kitchen efficiency. Elevate your dinner game with our collection of fast, delicious recipes—perfect for anyone looking for a speedy dinner.
Best Halloumi Recipes
Mob's Top 45 Halloumi Recipes
We're obsessed with halloumi recipes. From butter halloumi curry to halloumi saag aloo, these are the best halloumi recipes you'll ever eat. If you want to learn how to cook halloumi so that it's got the perfect, squeaky texture then simply follow the instructions on any of these simple halloumi recipes. You'll find everything from halloumi salad recipes to halloumi pasta recipes and easy grilled halloumi recipes in this collection. If it's a dish that can feasibly be made with halloumi, you can sure we'll have it right here. Happy eating.
Best Fakeaway Recipes
Mob's Best Fakeaway Recipes
These are our most popular fakeaway recipes. From homemade salt and pepper chicken to the best smash burgers in town, these will hit the spot.
Slow Cooked Meals
Mob's Best Slow Cooked Meals
Slow and steady wins the race. From slow-cooked lamb shoulder to slow roast pork belly gyros, these are the best slow cooked meals to take your time with.
Top Cheesy Recipes
Mob's Top Cheesy Recipes
It ain't easy being cheesy. From ooey gooey mac and cheese to chilli cheese bites, these are the cheesiest recipes we've ever made. You're welcome.
Vegan Comfort Recipes
Mob's Top Vegan Comfort Recipes
These vegan comfort classics are right up your street. From creamy mince pasta bake to warming white bean soup, these are all filling and meat-free. We've put together our best comfort vegan recipes that will make you feel good inside and out.
Best Vegan Curries
Mob's Best Vegan Curries
Nothing hits the spot like a good vegan curry. From tomato curry to plant-based katsu curry, these are our best vegan curries.
Quick Vegan Recipes
Mob's Quick Vegan Recipes
These quick vegan recipes are perfect for anyone looking to eat more plant-based food. And, yes, we're talking about more than just salad. All of these speedy vegan recipes and quick vegan meals come together in 30 minutes, making them perfect for a busy vegan weeknight dinner. If you want to eat more vegan food without feeling like you're sacrificing on flavour then you need to get stuck into some of these delicious dishes. We've got a one-pot tomato pasta recipe that'll knock your socks off as well as some quick vegan desserts that'll make a nice end to a meal. Easy vegan recipes have never tasted this good.
Mobs Tastiest Tofu Recipes
Mob's Tastiest Tofu Recipes
Add some excitement to dinner with our best tofu recipes. These tofu recipes won't teach you how to make tofu but they have all been meticulously crafted to please your taste buds and redefine your perception of plant-based eating. From savoury mains to crispy, crunchy sides these recipes prove that tofu is one of the most versatile ingredients around. We've got silken tofu recipes and smoked tofu recipes that'll knock your socks off. Not only are these tofu recipes pretty high protein but they're healthy, too. If you've always wondered what the best way to eat tofu is, you'll get a real kick out of the recipes here. The crispy tofu recipes, in particular, are some of our very best.
Easy Vegan Soup Recipes
Mob's Easy Vegan Soup Recipes
How does settling down to a comforting bowl of pumpkin soup sound to you, Mob? Warm up your stomach (and your soul) with these easy vegan soups. If you want consistent vegan soup recipes that'll fill you right up, you're in the right place. We've got vegan broccoli soup recipes, vegan cauliflower soup recipes, and a range of delicious vegan vegetable soup recipes and healthy vegan soup recipes for you to enjoy. Get involved with these souper (sorry) recipes.
Best Vegan Salad Recipes
Mob's Best Vegan Salad Recipes
Looking for a vegan-friendly salad that will hit the spot, Mob? Here's our top 10 including a delicious take on Vegan Caesar Salad.
Best Vegan Bakes
Mob's Best Vegan Bakes
Plant-based baking isn't complicated. From sourdough crumpets to a chocolate orange traybake you're never going to forget, these are our simplest vegan bakes.
Mobs Most Irresistible Salmon Recipes
Mob's Most Irresistible Salmon Recipes
You can't beat a well-cooked salmon fillet. From spice crusted salmon to salmon salad, these are our favourite light and refreshing salmon recipes.
Sizzling Sausage Recipes
Mob's Sizzling Sausage Recipes
Sausages. They make the world go wrong. These easy sausage recipes are just what you need right now. Sausage and mash made simple? Yep, we've got it. Sausage pasta recipes? We've got heaps of them too. If you've got a packet of sausages in your possession and don't know what to cook for dinner, this collection should hopefully provide you with a little meal time inspiration. There's even a couple of sausage casserole recipes that'll see you through the colder months of the year.
Mobs Perfect Pie Recipes
Mob's Perfect Pie Recipes
Pie season is well and truly here. From the best chicken pie recipe you'll ever eat to a hearty shepherd's pie, these are our most perfect pie recipes. Tuck in.
Best Meatball Recipes
Mob's Mightiest Meatball Recipes
Nothing hits like a big old plate of meatballs. From classic Italian meatballs to innovative plant-based alternatives, this collection of our very best meatball recipes features diverse array of dishes ensures for everyone. Dive into the art of meatball mastery with recipes that are suitable for all skill levels and become a better chef. Want a classic meatball recipe? Good. We've got one of as well as meatball sauce recipes and pork meatball recipes that you'll go crazy for. Explore mouthwatering options like classic beef meatballs and spaghetti as well a mega meatball marinara sub, tender turkey meatballs, and succulent chicken balls. All of these dishes are designed to be crowd-pleasers at your dining table.
Best Potato Recipes
Mob's Best Potato Recipes
We love potatoes. From crispy roast potatoes to stuffed jacket potatoes, this versatile tuber can make an excellent side or be used to add bulk to everything from salads to soups. If you're after the best new potato recipes on the internet, this collection is perfect for you. We've breathed new life into the humble spud with delicious potato salad recipes and potato skin recipes that'll make you rethink the flavour potential of a potato. We've got mash, chips, gnocchi, and just about every other form of potato you can think.Check out out very best potato recipes.
Mexican Inspired Recipes
Mob's Top Mexican-Inspired Recipes
From birria tacos to quick and easy chicken fajitas, these are our very best Mexican-inspired recipes. Want easy Mexican dishes you can make on a weeknight? We've got you, mate. There's no better way to learn how to cook Mexican food.
Mobs Easiest Egg Recipes
Mob's Easiest Egg Recipes
These are the best egg recipes on the internet. From our take on an egg McMuffin to perfect poached eggs, we've got some great egg recipes for you.
Easiest Orzo Recipes
Mob's Easiest Orzo Recipes
Whether you're cooking up an orzotto or throwing it into a fresh salad, orzo is a wonderful ingredient. These are the best orzo recipes we've got. They're all great examples of how to cook orzo and how to coax the most possible flavour out of this versatile pasta shape.
Mobs Best Lamb Recipes
Mob's Best Lamb Recipes
Slow-cooked lamb shoulder with Parmesan butter beans? That's just one of the many delicious lamb recipes we've got in this collection. Tuck in.