Mob's Tastiest Chinese-Inspired Recipes

From Smashed Sichuan Chicken to Biang Biang Noodles, these Chinese-inspired recipes are perfect for when you want a tasty dinner that packs plenty of heat.
Smashed Sichuan Chicken
My version of Sichuan’s famous bang bang chicken. Serve warm with rice to mop up those mouth-numbing chicken juices.
Biang Biang Noodles
Cook: 5 hr
These noodles are from Shaanxi in China, and although they take some time you will be rewarded with beautifully silky fresh noodles.
Chinese Lamb Skewers
Cook: 10 mins
This lamb skewer recipe is super simple but huge on flavour thanks to caramelisation on the grill and maximum spicing. Recipe by MOB Contributor Helen Graves.
Sticky Soy Pork Belly
Ore Oduba treats the MOB to an absolute belter of a dish using ingredients available on Ocado - sticky pork belly served over fluffy rice.
Sweet and Sour Prawns
Cook: 30 mins
We’ve cracked the code to making the best Chinese takeaway-style sweet and sour sauce. Perfect served over egg fried rice.
Sesame Prawn Toastie
The classic Chinese takeaway dish made in your toastie maker. Crunchy, fried sesame toast with ginger and garlic infused prawns inside - delicious.
Crispy Spring Onion Pancakes
These crispy pancakes are my take on the Chinese street food staple of Cong You Bing. Perfectly flaky and irresistible with a spicy dipping sauce. Seema x
Chicken Chow Mein
If you were of the opinion that you can only get a good Chow Mein in your local Chinese, think again. This recipe bangs, and it's ridiculously simple.
Crispy Chilli Oil
The condiment to end all condiments. Hot chilli, crispy shallots and numbing Szechuan pepper. Delicious on eggs, noodles, pizzas, everything. Sophie x
Seema's Crispy Spring Onion Noodles
These noodles are inspired by Shanghai spring onion oil noodles. With only a few ingredients, it's cheap to make and will soon be a staple in your home. Seema x
Salt and Pepper Tofu
Cook: 20 mins
Salt and pepper tofu is an absolute classic, and we have developed the perfect do-it-at-home method for you all. The sweet, salty and spicy coating. Sublime.
Sticky Peanut and Sichuan Chicken Wings
Cook: 45 mins
Peanut butter + sichuan peppers = a flavour combo straight from heaven. These wings are sticky & sweet. Ridiculously moreish. Give them a go MOB.
Sticky Sesame Popcorn Chicken
Cook: 40 mins
The sticky chicken you get down at the local Chinese is so easy to do at home. The ginger in this version works wonders.
Crispy Chilli Beef
This dish has it all. A sticky, crispy, sweet and spicy takeaway staple. Serve it with all your other Chinese favourites and you're good to go.
Cauliflower Manchurian
This is an example of an Indo-Chinese dish. It's spicy, sticky, sweet and creates a really unique melody of flavours that we know you will love.