Mob's Best Indian-inspired Recipes

No matter what you're in the mood for, you'll find something that takes your fancy with our best Indian-inspired recipes. The dhal is especially dhal-lightful.
Keema Pau by Dishoom
Dishoom's Naveed Nasir cooks the classic Keema Pau, inspired by the Radio Cafe in Mumbai. Tender, spiced lamb mince, served with hot buttered rolls.
Muttar Paneer
Cook: 45 mins
A mild, creamy Punjabi curry for all you cheese lovers. Fried paneer, sweet peas and all the spices. Ditch your takeaway and have this instead. Sophie x
Spicy Lentil Stew
Cook: 1 hr
Spicy lentils and charred, roasted cauliflower. An incredible pairing. Topped with a herby, cooling yoghurt sauce. One of the great veggie dishes.
Cauliflower Tikka Gyros
Cook: 40 mins
Chargrilled, spicy cauliflower works perfectly as the main item inside a warm gyros. Cooled by a lovely, minty tzatziki. Scrumptious.
Spiced Halloumi Fries
Cook: 30 mins
Aromatic spices and halloumi = the flavour combination of your dreams. Topped with the cooling herby yoghurt. Heavenly.
Chilli Cheese Paratha
Cook: 30 mins
This Indian snack is oozing with molten cheese and chilli garlicky goodness. They will be demolished in seconds, I can promise you that. Seema x
Seema's Mum's Chicken Curry
My mum's chicken curry is what I miss most when I’m away from home. It’s iconic in our family and I’m so excited for us to share this recipe with you. Seema x
Seema's Dhal
Cook: 30 mins
This is my all-time favourite comfort food, especially when I’m missing home. My mum helped me (well I helped her) with this recipe, we hope you love it! Seema
Quick Chicken Tikka Masala
A really quick, easy take on the classic. The key here is to get that chicken nice and charred before it goes in to the curry.
Aubergine Tikka Masala
Cook: 1 hr
Aubergine gets lovely and smokey on the griddle pan and so works an absolute charm in this dish. A great veggie version of the classic.
Big Daddy Dhansak
The cardamom really brings the fragrance to this Indian classic. Lentils never tasted so good...
Chilli Paneer
An iconic and must-have Indian takeaway. Soft paneer in a sweet and spicy sauce? It’s incredible and so easy to make.
Prawn Malai Curry
Rinku Dutt from Raastawala show us how to make her fragrant and delicate prawn malai curry. It's a winner.
Curried Carrot Dhal
The most simple, delicious dhal. The turmeric is so earthy and warming. Topped with charred curried carrots and a cooling coriander coconut chutney. Heaven.