Mob's Ultimate Side Dishes

A good side dish is capable of stealing the show at a dinner party. Make sure you've got an arsenal of excellent eats on the go with our best side dishes.
Ricotta Stuffed Crispy Fried Olives
These are the perfect thing to eat on a hot day with a cold glass of beer. Jordon x
Summer Panzanella
Cook: 20 mins
This recipe uses peak season tomatoes and, along with a few other bits, can becomes either a panzanella by adding bread or a no-cook sauce for pasta. Jordon x
'Nduja Roast Potatoes
Perhaps the most Mob recipe… ever. 'Nduja gives the crispy roasties a spicy kick, with some zingy lemon juice and fragrant rosemary. Jordon x
Crispy Cauliflower Bites with Peanut Butter Aioli
Peanut butter aioli might sound a bit strange, but trust us that it's the perfect accompaniment to these crisp and spicy cauliflower bites. A vegetarian banger.
Spicy Roasted Cauliflower with Hummus and Pickles
Cauliflower roasted until it turns dark and golden, on a bed of creamy hummus with some zingy pickles for balance. Perfect for sharing with bread.
Garlicky Sesame Leeks
These spicy and tender braised leeks are the perfect thing to lay over a bed of fluffy rice for a quick lunch.
Sprout and Cheddar Gratin
This one is naughty but nice, yes it has 3 types of cheese but it’s also packed with winter veggies.
Crispy Chorizo Croquetas
We’ve combined the best parts of tapas. Oozy croquetas. Smoky chorizo. Nutty manchego. Crispy balls of goodness, perfect to eat whilst feasting on Amazon Prime.
Smoky Pepper Croquetas
Our favourite bit of tapas turned plant-based. Crispy nuggets spiked with smoky paprika béchamel and charred peppers. So moreish.