Mob's Tastiest Weekend Projects

From birria tacos to slow-roast lamb, these recipes will take you a good few hours to make. They're all worth the time and the effort though.
Slow Cooked Courgette Pasta
This is my version of Gabe's slow-cooked courgette pasta. It’s so easy to make but being patient when cooking your courgettes is the key. Sophie x
Healthyish Chicken Korma
Chicken kormas are far from the basic curry house option. Rich with cardamom, cinnamon and almonds, this luxurious honey is fit for a queen. Sophie x
Sophie's Mum's Slow Roast Lamb Flatbreads
This is based on a dish my mum always makes for parties with a load of salads. I'm doing mine with fresh flatbreads and hummus. Such a crowd-pleaser. Sophie x
Tandoori Fried Chicken Sandwich
James Cochran from 12:51 stuns us with his belter of a sandwich. Expect crispy fried chicken, curry mayo, tangy pickles, and heaps of crunchy Bombay mix.
Beef Shin Chilli
Take your chilli to new levels by using slow-cooked beef shin instead of mince. Melt-in-the-mouth and beautifully spiced. You'll never look back.
Birria Tacos
I’ve been seeing these for months all over TikTok and have been dying to try them, so I’ve put together a recipe so you can finally try it for yourself. Seema x
Crispy Pork Pancakes
Cook: 5 hr
These crispy pork pancakes are inspired by the traditional flavours of a Peking duck but offer a more affordable alternative. Juicy, crisp, and simply flawless.
One Pot Beef Shin Lasagne
Sticky, pull-apart beef shin is a great way to fill a lasagne. Our zero-cook white sauce is also 10/10. Give this one a go MOB.
Pulled Pork Burger
The perfect, sticky pulled pork. Sharp pickles. All on a toasted brioche bun. Great dinner-party shout for the MOB.
Sausage and Sticky Onion Ragù
This ragù ticks all the boxes. Rich, meaty and warming using delicious Jolly Hog Proper Porker Sausages with plenty of sticky onions.
Biang Biang Noodles
Cook: 5 hr
These noodles are from Shaanxi in China, and although they take some time you will be rewarded with beautifully silky fresh noodles.
Lamb Ragù By Thomas Straker
A beautiful take on the Italian ragu. The whole dish made completely from scratch.
The Ultimate Lasagne
We have perfected the lasagne. The secret ingredient? Milk. It tenderises the meat, to leave you with the most tender ragù. Use a deep dish for lots of layers.
Mob's Pulled Chicken Burger
The time has come for the best pulled chicken burger around. The soft bun, zingy guac and a soft pulled chicken with a sticky BBQ sauce. It's a thing of beauty.
Pulled Pork Shoulder Ragu
This pork shoulder ragu recipe can be used with gnocchi or any type of pasta. Using the parmesan rind is key. It's out of this world.
Harissa and Tomato Gnocchi
Making gnocchi from scratch isn't as hard as you might think. The sauce we toss these in is a garlicky tomato sauce enriched with harissa paste and silken tofu.