Mob's 20-Minute Pasta Recipes

Need dinner on the table in a flash? These breezy 20-minute pasta recipes will sort you out. There's nothing more quick and delicious than our Lemony Spaghetti.
Pasta Primavera
Cook: 15 mins
A glossy green number to get a spring in your step (sorry). Asparagus, peas, pistachios and basil tossed through silky spaghetti, so simple and fresh. Jordon x
Artichoke and Pine Nut Pasta
Cook: 15 mins
Transform a jar of artichokes into a glossy, vegan bowl of pasta. At least 4 people in the Mob office have said this has major vongole vibes. Thoughts? B x
Sausage Gochujang Rigatoni
This spicy sausage pasta is a new favourite of ours, and we’re confident that it’ll become one of yours, too. On the table in 20 mins, it’s a weeknight hero.
Parsley Pesto Linguine
Cook: 15 mins
This delicious creamy walnut and parsley pesto is totally plant-based, simple and delicious. A perfect way to use up old herbs for a delicious dinner.
6-Ingredient Tomato Gnocchi
Ben's back with a banger. Gnocchi coated in a rich tomato sauce. Dinner on the table in just 15 minutes, this one's a goodie.
Cavolo Nero Rigatoni
Cook: 15 mins
This simple recipe makes great use of my favourite winter vegetable, cavolo nero, which is a black kale from Tuscany that you can find just about everywhere.
Creamy Sausage, Bacon and Brussels Sprout Tagliatelle
This gorgeous pasta uses up all your leftover Christmas dinner bits. We're talking sausage, bacon, sprouts, and even the cream from your Christmas pudding.
Garlicky Spaghetti with Anchovies & Breadcrumbs
Cook: 20 mins
Yes, anchovies can be aggressive but they can also be the subtle, mellow, salty little kick that takes your pasta to a new level.
Creamy 'Nduja Linguine (Without Cream)
Simple, quick and delicious. A spicy take on a carbonara, you're going to love it.
Prawn and Chorizo Linguine
Cook: 20 mins
We're back with an OG Mob banger. The naughtiest surf 'n' turf combo about - salt, crispy chorizo with plump, fresh prawns.
Lemony Spaghetti
Cook: 15 mins
This lemony pasta is super quick, rich and zingy. The carbonara-style execution means the sauce needs no cooking and it's done in 15 mins. Jordon x
Spicy Aubergine and 'Nduja Rigatoni
Cook: 20 mins
A spicy, zingy pasta that makes the most of summer aubergines.
Sausage and Pea Pasta
A ridiculously affordable simple pasta packed with peas, runner beans and crispy sausage bits. Perfect for a 20-minute meal.
Roasted Pepper and Anchovy Rigatoni
When the weather's hot, you need meals that involve minimal cooking. Jarred peppers, anchovies and capers bring beautiful tang to this pesto, and keep you cool.
Spicy Garlicky Soy Sauce Bucatini
Cook: 15 mins
A garlicky, spicier version of your favourite pasta dish that you can make in a flash. This is my go-to meal for a quick dinner. Seema x
Tomato Butter Mafaldine with Gremolata
The pasta queen Rosie MacKean shows us a beautiful, simple pasta dish. Grated tomatoes and butter make a ridiculously tasty sauce, topped with punchy gremolata.
Tomato, Caper and Pine Nut Spaghetti
Think of this sweet-and-sour pasta dish as puttanesca's vegan little sister. Packed with incredible savoury flavour in a matter of minutes. A total delight.
Miso Butter Pasta
Red miso is the funkier, saltier and sharper sister of white miso. Combine it with crispy, slightly sweet pork and cabbage for a flavourful fusion. Seema x
Brown Butter Spaghetti
This is the simplest, sexiest pasta dish. I make it every week. The combo of cheese, butter and pasta water creates the silkiest sauce. Sophie x
Chorizo and Charred Spring Onion Rigatoni
Cook: 20 mins
Charring spring onions and almonds in smokey chorizo fat is only ever going to lead to big things. This is a very special pasta dish.
Dad's Puttanesca
My Dad’s Puttanesca. I grew up on this dish. So so easy to make. Mostly storecupboard ingredients. The key is lots of anchovies and garlic. Give it a go. Ben x
Three Quid Spaghetti
A take on the Italian classic, aglio olio. Doesn't really get much better than chilli, parsley and garlic. And it only costs £3. Easy.
Creamy Basil and Ricotta Spaghetti
Cook: 20 mins
Feed yourself and 3 friends for £2 with this super easy, creamy spaghetti. It'll only take you 20 minutes to whip up, too. Hannah x