Long Reads

Sink your teeth into some meaty food and drink-related features with this collection of our best long read articles.
Why Do Chefs Love Fernet?
What is it about this cult digestif that makes it such a hit with restaurant industry workers? We explore the sultry appeal of Fernet-Branca.
Are Chef Whites Over?
As more restaurants move towards a more casual chef’s uniform, are the days of starched chef whites numbered?
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Eat Like A Man
Barbecues and meat have become twisted signals of chargrilled masculinity. So, what does it actually mean to eat like a man?
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Do Michelin Stars Matter?
The Michelin Guide is published every single year. But do Michelin stars still matter? And do chefs actually care about them?
How Important Is A Good Knife?
In short: very. A proper kitchen knife can make all the difference and keeping it in good condition is incredibly important. Fix up, look sharp.
Fish Fingers
On Fish Fingers
I challenge you to find me someone who doesn’t love fish fingers. They’re a food championed by everyone from Nigella Lawson to David Beckham. And I love them.
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There’s Nothing Wrong With Salad For Dinner
Salad has been resigned to the sidelines for far too long. It’s time that the big salad had its day in the sun and time you had one for tea.
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We Don’t Need Recipes Anymore
The Italian phrase for “quanto basta” might go against everything we know about recipes, but that’s what makes it so perfect.
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Where Does Nose-To-Tail Eating Go Next?
Offal and unloved cuts of meat are more fashionable than ever… but what does the future look like for the chefs cooking snouts, trotters, and tripe?
Cooking For One
Why cooking (and eating) on your own can be an enjoyable and quasi-spiritual experience.
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The American Pioneers
These are the chefs and restaurateurs changing what it means to cook American food on this side of the pond. There's more to it than burgers and fried chicken.
Menu Anxiety: The Art Of Ordering Right
Ordering well is a subtle art. Here's why so many people mess up when it comes to restaurant menus, and how you can become an expert at ordering.
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Why Butter Is Brilliant
Butter is one of the best things ever. We caught up with the world’s butter experts to find out what makes butter so special, and how you can make your own.
The Water House Project
Going Above And Beyond The Cheese Course
These are the chefs and restaurants reinventing the cheese course and showcasing the best of British cheese.
How To Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder With Food
Feeling the impact of SAD? Here’s a couple of ways you can help beat off the blues with some delicious food.
What Do Jewish Chefs and Cooks Eat During Hanukkah?
Hanukkah is an important Jewish festival that’s big on lights, remembrance, and lots of fried food. Here’s what the taste makers eat during the holiday.
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How Important Is A Restaurant’s Interior?
We make the case that a restaurant’s interior is, when it boils down to it, just as important as the food. Or, at the very least, almost as important.
What’s The Deal With Detroit-Style Pizza?
What is Detroit pizza and why is it a thing? We investigate the hottest pizza trend of a minute and find out why Detroit-style pizzas are becoming so popular.
The Orange Bakery Is Keeping It In The Family
Alex and Kitty Tait are the father and daughter duo behind the glorious bread and pastries at The Orange Bakery. Their story is as heartwarming as a hot oven.
Oystermen One Credit Chris Coulson
Should We Leave Oysters Alone?
As the trend for dressing oysters in everything from bone marrow to Monster Munch continues to grow, we ask whether it’s time we left those bivalves alone...
The Chefs Changing The Face of Pub Food
Pubs where you wouldn’t touch the food are a thing of the past. Nowadays, the British pub is a place to find some truly cutting-edge cooking.
Lollipop chicken is a delicious example of fusion done right.
Is Fusion Cuisine The Future of Fine Dining?
Whether fusion cuisine is cultural appropriation or "the next big thing" is up for debate. Why is it that "fusion" has become such a controversial word in food?
You simply cannot beat a runny egg.
Just Add An Egg
MOB Contributor Marcus Brown discusses why adding an egg to a meal can turn it from a mediocre meal into a dish you can't (and won't) stop thinking about.
How To Open A Restaurant
Want to know how to open a restaurant? We asked some brilliant restaurateurs for their best pieces of advice about getting into the industry.