Mob's Genius Paneer Recipes

Paneer is a type of cheese that can be added to a range of different dishes. It's a great high-protein hit for vegetarians and soaks up sauces really well.
Chilli Paneer
An iconic and must-have Indian takeaway. Soft paneer in a sweet and spicy sauce? It’s incredible and so easy to make.
Muttar Paneer
Cook: 45 mins
A mild, creamy Punjabi curry for all you cheese lovers. Fried paneer, sweet peas and all the spices. Ditch your takeaway and have this instead. Sophie x
Coconut Crusted Paneer Bites
Crystelle Pereira has given the baking a break for a minute and created us these delicious coconut-crusted paneer bites. So moreish, you'll love them.
Sticky Mango Paneer Kebabs
Charred paneer makes for the ultimate veggie-friendly barbecue snack. Sticky, spicy, and loaded into fluffy naan with curry yoghurt – need I say more? Sophie x
Paneer, Courgette and Chilli Fritters
These Apetina paneer fritters are the ultimate brunch dish by Crystelle pereira. Topped with a perfect runny egg, this has Sunday morning written all over it.
Chickpea and Paneer Curry
A simple and incredibly fragrant chickpea curry with soft chunks of paneer. Served with fluffy Tilda Basmati Rice.