It's Time We Talked Homemade Chorizo

A rich, smoky pork mince which crumbles beautifully into lots of dishes. This is a Mexican style chorizo that should be a staple in all your kitchens.
Mexican style chorizo is wonderfully rich and smoky. You can use it in just about everything.

First things first: There are two types of chorizo! The first, and more familiar in the UK, is Spanish chorizo, which is comes in tightly packed sausages and is served in slices —the kind which populates our supermarket shelves. It is cured, which means it’s ready to eat straight away. The second kind is Mexican chorizo, which shares some similarities in terms of flavouring but is instead a crumbly red mincemeat which is perfect for cooking.

That is why this recipe is such a winner. It uses lots of store cupboard ingredients to create a chorizo paste with a rich, smoky flavour which crumbles into whichever recipe you so choose. Add it to a shakshuka or a stir-fry, in tacos or quesadillas, or try it in MOB’s Chorizo Carbonara recipe, and you will start to see what all the fuss is about. I should add that Mexican chorizo is usually served in sausage casings, but here we’ve skipped that step.

Make this ahead of time, keep it in your fridge to spice up any dish and whack some in the freezer. You won't regret it.

Instead you can make a batch of mincemeat and store it in the fridge until you’re ready to use it. You can also freeze it so you always have it to hand. It really is lovely.

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