12 of The UK's Best Vegan Restaurants

Looking for a vegan restaurant near you? We might have the answer. Here are some of the UK’s best vegan restaurants, and why you need to pay them a visit.
The best vegan restaurants in the UK
The Hug and Pint is Glaswegian heaven. Photograph: Finlay MacIntosh.

It’s January, and we all know what that means. If you’re like me, you’ve been scrambling on the road to self-improvement, desperate to start the year in a positive rhythm. For many, including myself, part of this has been an attempt to eat a more plant-based diet.

You may be taking part in Veganuary, you may be a seasoned vegan, or you might just be starting your journey this month. Wherever you’re at, we know it can be difficult. You’re human, you crave things! It’s okay! You might have seen our Crispy Mushroom Pancakes or Creamy Mushroom Stroganoff (oyster mushrooms really are the best) that could be the answer to your meat madness.

When it comes down to it, though, there’s nothing like going out and seeing how the restaurants that specialise in plant-based menus do it. Not only can eating out provide you with a good source of inspiration for your own cooking, but you’re supporting independent businesses with forward-thinking and sustainable attitudes to cooking as well as helping the world. The amazing thing is, there are tons of choices out there. There are vegan restaurants all over the UK brimming with imagination, creativity and innovation. I’ve put together a list of some of the UK’s best vegan restaurants so you can explore the possibilities.

Jumon, Belfast

Jumon, Belfast
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First opening its doors to the bustling streets of Belfast in 2018, Jumon had one aim – to be a sustainable restaurant, serving up punchy flavours with an even punchier atmosphere to enjoy them in. However, taking into account the size (or lack thereof) of the vegan/vegetarian food scene in Belfast, owner Niall Davis knew it was going to be a challenge to market their restaurant to the masses. With this in mind, Jumon didn’t advertise itself as a vegetarian restaurant with a sustainable ethos, and despite the amazing quality of the food and drink, it became clear that the Belfast crowd weren’t willing to omit meat when dining out. Jumon consequently had a rocky road ahead and with numerous shopping closures in Belfast close to the restaurant, the city became a bit of a ghost town. Thankfully, the press picked up on the businesses surrounding the closure, which brought crowds to Jumon who had never heard of them before (every cloud, right?), and before they knew it, the business was thriving. To say the food at Jumon is good is an understatement. Asian-inspired dishes and cocktails crafted with care and precision, as well as the lively ambience, have made Jumon the powerhouse it is today.

Unit 6 McAuley House, Fountain Street, BT1 5ED

Land, Birmingham

Land, Birmingham
Photography by Tom Bird
Land, Birmingham
Photography by Tom Bird

The Great Western Arcade in Birmingham’s shopping district is home to some of the city's best independent businesses, but it’s also home to Land, a unique restaurant whose plant-focused and seasonal menu explores the possibilities of the vegetable by using the freshest produce and innovative methods to create the dishes inspired by flavours from around the world. The unique and memorable food that Land produces makes this a highly recommended spot to visit by all customers that step through its doors. Having opened in 2019, Land makes up one of the many thriving independent businesses of the Great Western Arcade.

30 Great Western Arcade, B2 5HU,

Anna Loka, Cardiff

IMG 9395 1

If you’re from/live in Cardiff, you will know about Anna Loka. Commended for its open, accepting and accommodating staff, Anna Loka is cherished by many for its comforting plant-based menu that hits across many different cuisines and cravings. Among its small tapas-style plates, you can find patatas bravas, mac and cheeze [sic], vegetable and tofu dumplings, and arancini. Moving on to the bigger plates, you can choose from a wide range of burgers, bowls and wraps, as well as staple pub classics like Tofish and Chips. What holds Anna Loka together, however, is not just the food, but the ability to offer “an eclectic, authentic and healthy experience” where people can make conscious choices about the food they eat.

114 Albany Road, CF24 3RU,

Jam Delish, Islington

Jam Delish, Islington
Jam Delish, Islington
Photography by Seyi Odeyemi

Over the course of the past two years, Jam Delish has soared in popularity, cementing its reputation as one of the leading 100% vegan Caribbean restaurants in London. Family-owned and operated from the ground up, Jam Delish was born from the mind of owner Jordan Johnson after he spotted a gap in the market during lockdown for vegan versions of the Caribbean dishes he grew up eating. That was the motivation he needed to open his first pop-up and, today, Jam Delish sits in the heart of Islington and serves up an incredibly innovative menu. Standout plates include the ‘saltfish’ tostones and jerk ‘chicken’ wings. The restaurant is also renowned for its signature cocktails and vegan cocktails - an exceptional accompaniment to the sometimes-fiery food. Not only has Jam Delish served many stars during its residency at the Sun and 13 Canton's (Common, leading Black Panther actress Letitia Wright, British actress Lily James and England footballer Raheem Sterling - to name a few), but heading up their dynamite kitchen is chef Nathan Collymore, an ex-Jamie Oliver's Fifteen alumni.

1 Tolpuddle Street, N1 0XT

Wawin Chinese, Various Locations

Wawin Chinese
Wawin Chinese

If you’re a vegan in any of the above cities, you’ll no doubt be clued up on Wawin Chinese and the joys of the food the chefs in the kitchen create. If you’re not, where’ve you been?! Commended for the sheer amount of choice on its menus, as well as the quality of the food, Wawin is the ultimate spot to enjoy the unrelenting pleasure of a Chinese takeaway with a plant-based twist. That’s right - literally imagine your neighbourhood takeaway but everything is vegan. Whatever your bag is – whether it’s salt and chilli, Sichuan, sweet and sour, curry, black bean or kung po – Wawin has got something for you.

Leeds: 203-205 Woodhouse Street, Woodhouse, Leeds LS6 2NY
Unit 10, Foundry, Ordsall Ln, Manchester, M53AN (Deliveroo Only)
41 Heslington Road, YO10 5AR
Unit7, 15 New Era Sq, S2 4RB
Unit 1, Redwood Court, NG72BQ (Deliveroo Only)

Vegivores, Reading

Vegivores Reading
Vegivores Reading

Vegivores is an establishment with a mission to improve the world around them, all while serving up some of the most comforting and warming vegan food you’ll ever eat. With skill, practice, and knowledge of all things veggie, Vegivores has transformed some of your favourite nostalgic childhood dinners into vegan delights for all. Expect humble macaroni cheese (without cheese) and buttermilk pancakes (with an array of delightful toppings) as well as burgers, burritos, and tacos galore. The menu boasts a huge selection of dishes that show you that eating vegan doesn’t mean sacrificing the comforting foods that you hold close to your heart, and you can even save the planet while you’re doing it.

41 Church Street St Martin's Precinct, Caversham, RG4 8BA

Cantina, Leeds

Cantina Leeds
Cantina in sun

Tucked into the iconic Old Red Bus Station in Leeds you’ll find Cantina – a modest and laidback vegan eatery which was launched in 2016 as the first vegan restaurant in Leeds. Whether it's smash burgers, munchboxes or bottomless brunch you're after, Cantina has an array of vegan classics that are perfect for a low-key lunch or dinner. What makes Cantina special, however, isn’t just the excellent food. The Old Red Bus Station is a Northern Hub for underground electronic music, local artists, exhibitions, and gigs and operates as one of Leeds’ most forward-thinking venues. Cantina sits within this sphere, supplying soul-soothing food to the art lovers who come and go, feeding the creative culture of Leeds one burger at a time.

104 Vicar Lane, LS2 7NL

V or V, Sheffield

V or V
V or V

If you have a thing for woodfired cooking then V or V (Vegetarian Organic Vegan) might be your next big food crush. Situated in the heart of Sheffield’s Wharncliff Works, V or V puts forward an ever-changing, seasonal menu that fires from all cylinders. Literally. Like Bubala, V or V shies away from using meat substitutes, and rather uses its huge open-flame barbecue to “treat the best seasonal vegetables with the same love you would show the best cuts of meats”. By using the best locally sourced ingredients and re-working them with impelling flavours, spices and techniques, head-chef Danny Lynn will keep you engaged and delighted throughout the course of a meal. If you’re a devoted fan of V or V – or are intrigued by their fiery journey – you’ll be pleased to hear the team are opening Grill House: their very own kebab shop. Don’t expect any fake döner kicking about, either. It’s all veg, and likely to be the best kebab you ever wolf down.

Wharncliffe Works, Green Lane, S6 3FB

SnackWallah, Newcastle


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Nestled in the bustling and historic Grainger Market, SnackWallah serves up quality Indian vegan street food in Newcastle’s vibrant city centre. With its menu adorned with hanging flowers and the walls of the eatery painted bright and bold, SnackWallah is hard to miss among the market’s iconic white, red and beige decor. The menu offers a range of wraps, stuffed to the seams, for the unbeatable price of £4 or £5 each. If you fancy a couple of dishes to share, SnackWallah’s chaat menu has an array of options where nothing goes amiss, including dishes like bhel puri, pani puri and the most aromatic dal you’ll ever eat.

Unit 31-33, Grainger Market, Grainger St, NE1 5QG
Newcastle upon Tyne

The Hug and Pint, Glasgow

The Hug and Pint
Photography by Rosie Sco
The Hug and Pint
Photography by Finlay MacIntosh

The Hug and Pint has held its place as one of Glasgow’s most roaring music venues since opening its doors in 2015, and along with its eclectic and bustling music line up, the Hug and Pint serves up original and interesting dishes, inspired by both South and East Asian flavours. Despite the quality of the dishes and the creativity of the menu, the Hug and Pint has been commended for its casual and friendly atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to enjoy some delicious food while taking in the music culture of Glasgow – whether it's up-and-coming local or well-established artists you happen to stumble upon.

171 Great Western Rd, G4 9AW

Novapizza, Edinburgh

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When I started writing this article, I knew it was going to be essential for me to feature a vegan Italian restaurant that kept its menu as close to the look, feel, and flavour of an everyday authentic Italian gaff as possible. In my eyes, a good vegan restaurant shouldn’t have to change the names of the dishes just because it's subbing out the guanciale for its own homemade substitute. This is exactly how Novapizza operates, executing a menu with a classic lasagna, carbonara, and aglio olio e peperoncino (just to name a few) along with – of course – a delectable tiramisu. You can also find a huge selection of antipasti and pizzas, all made using creative and innovative substitutes to replace the dairy and meat usually found on the dishes. Novapizza also bagged the Best Pizza award at the Scottish Italian Awards in 2021, so you’d be silly not to give them a try for yourself the next time you find yourself in Edinburgh.

42 Howe Street, EH3 6TH

Bubala, Spitalfields/Soho


Bubala gets its name from the Yiddish word for “darling” and draws inspiration from the flavours, textures, sights and sounds of the culture-rich Middle East. Owner Marc and exec chef Helen stray away from processed/synthetic meat alternatives and, instead, always aim to utilise the trusty vegetable to the best of their ability. With two locations in London – one in Spitalfields, the other in Soho – the restaurants offer two different and delicious dining options. While the O.G. Spitalfields location focusses on its classic plates of creamy, dreamy hummus with chilli crunch and fried aubergine with zhoug, the Soho location centres itself on more of an à la carte menu, offering smaller plates as well as a ‘Bubala Knows Best’ set menu. If you’re like me and suffer from terrible decision-making when faced with a menu full of incredible-sounding dishes, this option will be perfect for you.

Spitalfields: 65 Commercial Street, London E1 6BD
Soho: 15 Poland Street, London W1F 8QE

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