Bake A Super-Easy Rosemary Focaccia

A gorgeous Italian flatbread laced with olive oil and studded with rosemary.
DSC 1107 2
This is the perfect bread for beginners — no kneading or special kit is required. The results are incredibly tasty.

I am very fond of baking sourdough focaccia for a few reasons. Here is the first: everyone loves eating it. There is very little to take issue with when you are presented with an Italian flatbread, doused in olive oil and studded with rosemary. It is a winning thing to bring round to people’s houses when you’re invited for dinner, and it’s a very easy thing to knock up in time for lunch and serve with soup.

It is also very easy to follow. When I say easy, I mean really really easy. Foolproof. You mix some flour and water together with some sourdough starter and olive oil and more or less leave it alone for twelve hours, only occasionally intervening to knead it a little. This means it’s a really good recipe for beginners.

The final reason I love this recipe: You can leave it alone to do most of the rising - that's when the magic happens. Very little effort for lots of reward.

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