The Felix Project

We've partnered up with The Felix Project to help tackle food waste.

We love food. We think that eating something that’s truly delicious is one of life’s greatest – and purest – pleasures. But food isn’t just something that makes you feel good. It’s a human right. 1.5 million adults in London struggle to afford to eat every day, 400,000 children are at risk of missing their next meal. Meanwhile, the food industry generates up to 3 million tonnes of perfectly edible surplus food each year.

We’re always trying to find new ways to reduce our food waste here at Mob and that’s why we’re proud to have partnered with The Felix Project – a London-based food redistribution charity set up to tackle that very problem. We cook a lot of food in our test kitchen and being conscious of how we can ensure as little of that is wasted as possible, and how we can help those less fortunate than ourselves, is always at the forefront of our minds. We try to set an example to our audience by cooking low-waste recipes and donating as much excess as we can; however, we know that we could always be doing more.

The Felix Project’s mission and ethos is something that’s close to our hearts. The Felix Project believes in a vision of London where no one goes hungry and good food is never wasted. They work diligently to ensure that food that would have otherwise gone to waste reaches vulnerable people such as those without housing, those struggling with their mental health, or those who simply cannot afford to buy enough food for the week. The Felix Project collect or receive food from over 539 suppliers, sorting and delivering that food to almost 1,000 front-line charities, primary schools, and holiday programmes in London.

We’re honoured to be working with The Felix Project in their battle against food waste and hunger in the capital. We hope that, by using our platform of engaged food lovers, we can help spread the word about the amazing things that The Felix Project is doing.

You can find out more about the vital and important work they do here. And volunteer here.