Thai Pumpkin Soup

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Step 1.

Finely slice onion, red chilli, cloves of garlic, the coriander stalks and the ginger. Set them aside.

Step 2.

Chop the tops off the pumpkins. Remove the seeds. (If you want you can bake them for delicious roasted pumpkin seeds). Hollow out the pumpkins, scooping the flesh off the sides. Chop up the flesh.

Step 3.

Get a large pan on the heat and pour in a glug of olive oil. Add your onion, ginger, garlic, chilli and coriander stalks. Fry until soft. Add a heaped tsp of lemongrass puree. Mix it in and add your pumpkin.

Step 4.

Stir it about. Crumble in a stock cube. Pour in enough water to cover the pumpkin, place a lid on top and boil for 25 minutes until the pumpkin is soft.

Step 5.

Take a hand blender and blitz the pumpkin. Remove any scuzz with a spoon.

Step 6.

Add your coconut milk. Blitz again. Remove any more scuzz.

Step 7.

Turn up the heat and bubble the soup down until you have a nice thick consistency.

Step 8.

When ready, pour soup back into the hollowed out pumpkins, scatter with coriander leaves, drizzle over some olive oil and tuck in! Enjoy!

Lemongrass and chilli are key here!

1 Vegetable Stock Cube
4 Pumpkins
1 Brown Onion
2 Cloves of Garlic
400ml Coconut Milk
Bunch of Coriander
1 Red Chilli
Knob of Ginger
1 Heaped Tsp Lemongrass Puree
Olive Oil