Sweet Potato and Tamarind Tacos

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Step 1.

Chop up the sweet potatoes into small pieces and finely chop the chillies.

Step 2.

In a bowl combine the chillies, soy sauce, light brown sugar and tamarind sauce. Grate in the ginger and garlic. Add in a glug of oil and toss half this mixture with the sweet potatoes.

Step 3.

Spread the sweet potato on a baking tray, drizzle on some olive oil and roast for 30 mins.

Step 4.

Heat up the remaining mixture in a pan with 150ml of water. Heat until bubbling then mix in the peanut butter. Whisk until smooth and add in 100ml of water until its a smooth pourable consistency.

Step 5.

Toast the peanuts in a dry pan and roughly chop them up. Finely chop the mint.

Step 6.

Heat the tortillas in a dry pan and then add in the sweet potato filling. Drizzle over the peanut butter sauce, sprinkle with peanuts, mint and a drizzle of the tamarind sauce.

In partnership with Ocado.

4 Sweet Potatoes
2 Chillies
5 Tbsp Soy Sauce
1 Tbsp Light Brown Sugar
4 Tbsp Tamarind Sauce
5cm Knob of Ginger
4 Cloves of Garlic
3 Tbsp Peanut Butter
12 Corn Tortillas
50g Peanuts
Handful Of Mint
Olive Oil