Mushy Pea Linguine

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Step 1.

Cut bacon into small bits and chuck into a pan. Fry until crispy.

Step 2.

Get the linguine on.

Step 3.

Rest a colander over the pan and add the peas.

Step 4.

After 5 minutes, the peas should be ready. Remove from the heat and put in a bowl. Add ricotta, a handful of chopped mint and the juice of a lemon. Season with salt and pepper, a drizzle of olive oil and mash.

Step 5.

Take half of the peas and blend with 3 ladles of pasta water.

Step 6.

Drain pasta. Pour pasta into the bacon pan. Add the blended mushy peas and the rest of the mushy peas.

Step 7.

Dollop ricotta over the top and squeeze over some lemon juice. Enjoy!

Make sure the bacon is smoked.

250g Ricotta
1 Lemon
Bunch of Mint
330g Smoked Bacon
800g Petit Pois
500g Linguine
Olive Oil