Mulled Wine Mix

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Step 1.

Lightly toast the cinnamon stick, cloves and star anise in a saucepan until aromatic, be careful not to burn.

Step 2.

Cut the orange in half and squeeze in the juice then add the whole orange. Pour in the red wine and add the sugar.

Step 3.

Stir well until the sugar dissolves. Warm until the wine just starts to gently bubble, then turn off the heat and allow to infuse for 15 mins.

Step 4.

Pass through a strainer to remove the spices.

Step 5.

Simply add the mulled wine into little individual bags or tubs of your choice. Warm gently before serving and enjoy.

This makes a great gift for a stocking! Just pop all of the spices into little jars, or if you can find little muslin bags then you can make a kind of mulled wine tea bag.

1 Cinnamon Stick
5 Cloves
2 Star Anise
A Bottle of Red Wine
1 Orange
5 Tbsps of Sugar