Spaghetti Vongole

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Step 1.

Finely slice cloves of garlic.

Step 2.

Get a large saucepan on the heat and splash in some olive oil. Add your garlic and a tsp of crushed chillies. Fry for about 40 seconds and add your cherry tomatoes.

Step 3.

Add your spaghetti to a large pan of boiling water.

Step 4.

After 2 minutes, add your clams to the sauce pan and pour in your wine. Bring to the boil and cover with a lid.

Step 5.

Cook for about 5 minutes, until all the clams have opened up. Add a large handful of chopped parsley.

Step 6.

Remove the pasta from the heat and sieve. Pour it into the sauce. Mix it around, drizzle over some olive oil and serve! Enjoy!

Cover the pan of clams with a lid so they steam and cook faster.

330g Cherry Tomatoes
500g Spaghetti
187ml Pinot Grigio
1 Tsp Chilli Flakes
2 Cloves of Garlic
Bunch of Parsley
2 Large Handfuls of Fresh Clams
Olive Oil