Meatball Sub Croissant

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Step 1.

Preheat your oven to 180°C.

Step 2.

Start by making your marinara sauce. Dice 1 onion and grate the garlic.

Step 3.

Pop the onion into a pan with a big glug of olive oil and sauté for 5 mins. Add in half the garlic, 1 tsp chilli flakes and season with salt and pepper. Cook for 2 mins and then add in the tinned tomatoes.

Step 4.

Break up the tomatoes with your spoon and add in the oregano. Simmer for 15 mins.

Step 5.

Combine the beef and pork mince in a bowl and grate in the remaining onion. Add in ½ tsp chilli flakes, breadcrumbs, rosemary, thyme, the remaining garlic, nutmeg, ½ tsp salt and pepper. Mix together well with your hands and divide into 12 golfball-sized balls.

Step 6.

Pop your Pret bake-at-home croissants in the oven and cook according to the package instructions.

Step 7.

Once the croissants are golden and flaky, cut them open. Add in a spoon of marinara sauce, 4 meatballs, more sauce, and finally some torn mozzarella. Pop that filled croissant into the oven for 5 mins to melt the cheese.

Step 8.

Top with fresh basil and tuck in.

2 Small Onions
6 Cloves of Garlic
1 ½ Tsp Chilli Flakes
2 Tins of Peeled Plum Tomatoes
1 Tbsp Dried Oregano
200g Ground Beef
200g Ground Pork
50g Breadcrumbs
1 Tsp Dried Rosemary
1 Tsp Dried Thyme
1 Tsp Nutmeg
4 Pret Bake-At-Home Croissants
250g Mozzarella
A Handful of Fresh Basil Leaves
Olive Oil