Kimchi and Tofu Noodle Soup

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Step 1.

Grate the garlic and finely chop the red chillies.

Step 2.

Heat up a glug of vegetable oil in a pan and fry off the garlic and chilli for 30 seconds. Pour in 2 litres of water and crumble in the vegetable stock. Add in ¾ of the kimchi, ramen noodles and give it a good mix.

Step 3.

Very gently take out the silken tofu from its packaging and slice it into large pieces.

Step 4.

Once the stock has dissolved and the ramen is halfway cooked, add your tofu into the soup. Keep the soup on a gentle simmer and try not to stir it too much to avoid breaking up the tofu.

Step 5.

Finely chop the spring onions.

Step 6.

Serve the soup into bowls being careful not to break the tofu. Sprinkle with spring onions, your remaining kimchi and a drizzle of sesame oil.

If you aren't a fan of silken tofu, use firm tofu and pan fry for a few mins on either side to make it crispy.

In partnership with Ocado.

6 Cloves of Garlic
3 Red Chillies
2 Vegetable Stock Cubes
500g Kimchi
800g Ramen Noodles (4 Packs of Instant Ramen)
300g Silken Tofu
4 Spring Onions
4 Tsp Sesame Oil