Guinness and Mushroom Stew

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Step 1.

Start by prepping your veg. Dice your onion and your red, yellow and green peppers. Slice your spring onions. Finely chop your garlic and scotch bonnet.

Step 2.

Tip your mushrooms into a large bowl and add your browning (or soy sauce if using) along with your allspice. Season generously with salt and pepper. Tip in all of your chopped veg and a few sprigs of thyme, then stir to combine. Pop in the fridge to marinate overnight, or for a couple of hours.

Step 3.

Heat a glug of oil in a large saute pan. Tip your veg mixture in and fry for 10 mins until all the veg has softened and is starting to reduce and caramelise slightly.

Step 4.

Pour in your veg stock gradually and bring to a simmer. Sprinkle on your cornflour and stir to mix in - this should make your sauce thick and glossy.

Step 5.

Time to pour your Guinness into the pan. Let it simmer for 5 mins until you have a glossy sauce.

Step 6.

Serve over rice and peas alongside fried plantain. Enjoy!

Browning can be found in Caribbean supermarkets, but dark soy sauce gives a similar savouriness and dark colour, so can be used instead if you can’t find it.

1 Onion
1 Red Pepper
1 Green Pepper
1 Yellow Pepper
2 Spring Onions
4 Garlic Cloves
1/2 Scotch Bonnet Chilli
600g Baby Button Mushrooms
2 Tsp Browning (or 4 Tsp Dark Soy Sauce)
2 Tsp Allspice
Handful of Fresh Thyme
400ml Vegetable Stock
1 Tbsp Cornflour
250ml Guinness
Plantain, To Serve
Rice and Peas, To Serve