Gochujang Tofu Rice Bowl

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Step 1.

Mince your garlic and slice your spring onion. Set aside in separate bowls.

Step 2.

Peel your carrot and slice it into long strips. Halve your cucumber, remove the seeds, and then slice it into long strips like the carrot. Cut the tops off your radishes and thinly slice them. Place your prepped veg in a glass jar or deep bowl.

Step 3.

Get a pot on medium heat and add your sugar, water and apple cider vinegar. Bring to a simmer then take it off the heat. Leave to cool then pour over your veg.

Step 4.

Now, cook your sushi rice according to package instructions.

Step 5.

Cut your tofu into small pieces and pat dry with a paper towel, this will absorb the water from the tofu.

Step 6.

Place your tofu with the cornflour and garlic powder in a plastic bag or sealed container and give it a good shake.

Step 7.

Get a wide, flat pan on medium heat, pour in a good glug of oil – enough so that it sits around 1½ cm high.

Step 8.

When your oil is ready, give your tofu a shake to get rid of excess cornflour before popping it into your pan and frying until crispy. Place the fried tofu cubes on a paper towel-lined plate or sieve.

Step 9.

Meanwhile, combine your gochujang, soy sauce, ketchup, maple syrup, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, and water with your minced garlic in a small bowl. Pour this mix into a pan and bring to a simmer. Take it off the heat and add your fried tofu, giving it a good toss.

Step 10.

Serve your tofu with steamed rice, pickled veg and garnish with spring onions and toasted sesame seeds.

Place a sheet of baking paper on top of pickled veg to keep it all submerged.

For the Quick Pickled Vegetables
1 Carrot
½ Cucumber
Handful of Radishes
50g Sugar
150ml Apple Cider Vinegar
150ml Water
For the Tofu
560g Firm Tofu
80g Cornflour
1 Tsp Garlic Powder
For the Sauce
2 Cloves of Garlic
2 Tbsp Gochujang
2 Tbsp Soy Sauce
3 Tbsp Ketchup
2 Tbsp Maple Syrup
1 Tbsp Rice Wine Vinegar
1 Tsp Sesame Oil
3 Tbsp Water
400g Sushi Rice
1 Spring Onion
White/Black Toasted Sesame Seeds
Vegetable Oil