Fettuccine Alfredo with Leeks

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Step 1.

Firstly, cook your fettuccine.

Step 2.

While your pasta is cooking, slice your leeks into discs and add them to a frying pan with 50g knob of butter. Cook these on a medium heat until the leeks are smooth and silky, then remove them from the pan and set aside.

Step 3.

Take 450ml of your pasta water and pour half of it into the same pan you used to cook the leeks. Add your remaining butter and cook on a low heat, whisking together until the butter has melted. Then, add 150g of your parmesan, continuing to whisk until it has a sauce-like consistency.

Step 4.

At this point, add your cooked fettuccine. Toss through the sauce is with some tongs. Keep tossing until it is nice and creamy. At this point, add leeks along with a sprinkling of salt and pepper. Toss everything in, adding splashes of pasta water to keep it loose. Plate it up, sprinkle your remaining parmesan on top and get stuck in.

Add a sprinkling of salt to the pasta water when boiling the pasta.

4 Leeks
450g Fettuccine
175g Salted Butter
200g Parmesan