Fermented Hot Sauce

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Step 1.

Remove the stalks from your chillies. Pack them into a glass jar with your garlic. Scrunch them in tightly and don't worry if your chillies break up a bit.

Step 2.

Heat your water in a pan and add in your salt allowing it to dissolve. Once it's dissolved, take off the heat and allow to cool completely. Pour the water over the chillies. Don't worry if they start to float up - you can keep them down with a balled-up piece of baking paper.

Step 3.

Seal your jar and leave to ferment for 3-10 days. Remember to burp your jar every so often to allow the air to escape. Active fermentation should start after 3 days, giving you a fizzy, flavoursome hot sauce. If you go as far as 10 days you'll have much softer chillies, giving you a much smoother end result.

Step 4.

When you're happy with the ferment and the flavour, drain your chillies, making sure to keep the liquid. Blitz in a food processor with 150ml of your preserved liquid until the sauce is as smooth as you want it to be. If you want, you can push the sauce through a sieve to remove the skins and seeds which will give you an even smoother sauce. Pour the end result into bottles or jars and keep in the fridge to use in your cooking or as a condiment. Enjoy!

You can use any combination of different chillies and sweet peppers for this – see if you can buy a box from a grocers or cornershop. Use this recipe as your jumping off point into the world of hot sauce. Feel free to adapt it with different chillies for different flavour next time you try it.

400g Red Chillies
4 Garlic Cloves
500ml Water
20g Salt