Egg Mobmuffin

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Step 1.

Preheat the oven to 180ºC/356ºF.

Step 2.

Put bacon on a rack and whack it in the oven until crispy (or however you like it).

Step 3.

Guacamole time. Put your avocados, chopped chilli, a handful of chopped chives and lemon juice into a bowl. Add salt, pepper and olive oil, and mash.

Step 4.

Fry your eggs.

Step 5.

Toast your buns.

Step 6.

To build: bun, guac, egg, bacon, bun, guac, bacon, bun. Tuck in and enjoy!

Chives work a charm in the guac.

1 Red Chilli
Bunch of Chives
1 Lemon
4 White English Muffins
400g Smoked Streaky Bacon
10 Eggs
2 Large Avocados
Olive Oil