Crispy Parma Ham Gnocchi

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Step 1.

Heat a pan with olive oil. Add gnocchi, a handful of rosemary leaves and a handful of thyme leaves. Fry until crisp.

Step 2.

Remove from heat and wipe the pan out. Add parma ham (no oil) and fry until crisp and charring.

Step 3.

Add 2 punnets of cherry tomatoes and a crushed garlic clove. Simmer & bubble down until sauce reduces.

Step 4.

Add cider vinegar, a handful of basil leaves, salt and pepper. Mix together.

Step 5.

Serve with gnocchi on the bottom, sauce on top and a dollop of ricotta to finish. Enjoy MOB.

Make sure to fry the parma ham without oil - the fat will render out and the parma ham will crisp up perfectly without it.

500g Gnocchi
Bunch of Rosemary
Bunch of Thyme
Bunch of Basil
8 Slices of Parma Ham
500g Cherry Tomatoes
1 Clove of Garlic
50ml Cider Vinegar
250g Ricotta
Olive Oil