Creamy Celeriac and Apple Soup

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Step 1.

Peel and chop up the celeriac into small chunks. Roughly chop the onions and celery, then peel and chop 3 of your apples. Pick the leaves off the thyme and grate the 4 cloves of garlic.

Step 2.

Slowly cook the onions and celery in a big glug of oil for 10-15 minutes until very soft.

Step 3.

Add the garlic, apple, celeriac, bay leaves and thyme, saving about a teaspoon of thyme for later. Pour over the stock and simmer for 30 minutes with the lid slightly ajar until the vegetables are tender.

Step 4.

Chop the remaining apple into small cubes, pick apart the sage leaves and thinly slice the garlic.

Step 5.

Blend the soup with a hand blender, along with the crème fraîche, then season to taste with salt and pepper.

Step 6.

Heat up the butter and a tablespoon of oil in a small pan. Add the apples and saute until lightly golden. Add in the sage and sliced garlic. Cook on a low heat for 2 minutes until the sage is crispy and the garlic is golden.

Step 7.

Serve the soup topped with the herby butter on top and some crusty bread on the side.

The crispy herbs and garlic will keep in your fridge for up to a week. Make double and top everything with it.

1 Celeriac
2 Onions
1 Celery Stalk
8 Garlic Cloves
4 Cox's Apples
Bunch Of Thyme
3 Bay Leaf
1.5 Litres Vegetable Stock
300ml Crème Fraîche
Handful Of Sage Leaves
40g Butter
Olive Oil