Chorizo and Chickpea Stew

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Step 1.

Pour your vegetable oil into a large saucepan set over a medium heat. Add your flour, then whisk constantly for 20 mins until the colour darkens to a dark chocolate brown. This is your roux.

Step 2.

Meanwhile, prep your veg. Dice the onions, carrot, celery, jalapeño and green pepper. Slice the chorizo.

Step 3.

Once the roux is darkened, add in the vegetables and the smoked paprika. Cook for 4 mins. Add in the chorizo and cook for another 5 mins until the oil is stained red.

Step 4.

Slowly pour in the chicken stock and beer and then bring to a boil.

Step 5.

Add in the chickpeas, bring to a gentle simmer and cook for 1 hour.

Step 6.

Roughly chop the cavolo nero and finely slice the spring onions.

Step 7.

Add in the cavolo nero and give it a mix. Cook for 2 mins until it has wilted down.

Step 8.

Season generously with salt and pepper. Sprinkle with spring onions and serve with rice.

100ml Vegetable Oil
2 Tbsp Plain Flour
1 Large Onion
1 Carrot
2 Sticks of Celery
2 Jalapeños
1 Green Pepper
250g Chorizo
1 Tsp Smoked Paprika
500ml Chicken Stock
250ml Pale Ale
200g Cavolo Nero
4 Spring Onions
400g Tinned Chickpeas
Olive Oil