Charred Tofu and Shiitake Pho

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Step 1.

Chop the spring onions, red chilli and ginger. Add these to a saucepan, saving half of the red chilli for later. Add the coriander seeds, star anise and a cinnamon stick and toast for a few minutes.

Step 2.

Dissolve your stock in 1L of boiling water and add along with the soy sauce. Leave to simmer on a low heat.

Step 3.

Tofu time. Slice it up and cover in soy sauce and olive oil. Add to a pan and allow it to char on both sides. Set aside.

Step 4.

Add your mushrooms to the same pan and allow them to soak up the soy sauce.

Step 5.

Place your rice noodles into hot water. Once softened, add to your serving bowls. Add your broth to the bowls, followed by the tofu and mushrooms. Finally, garnish with chopped chilli, mint, coriander and basil. Tuck in!
2 Star Anise
1 Tsp Coriander Seeds
1 Cinnamon Sticks
1 Large Knob of Ginger
1 Vegetable Stock Cube
200g Vermicelli Rice Noodles
300g Shiitake Mushrooms
Handful of Basil
Handful of Coriander
3 Spring Onions
1 Red Chilli
560g Tofu (we use Tofoo)
5 Tbsp of Soy Sauce