Where to find The MOB Truck this May

The MOB Truck is back. Here’s where you can find us slinging street food from Sophie Wyburd, WhatWillyCook, Nico Reynolds, and Ellie Silcock throughout May.
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Do you like delicious street food cooked by delicious and talented people? Well, you’re in luck, my friend – because the MOB Truck is back, baby! And it’s better than ever before.

Every weekend of May, our trusty MOB Truck (which I’m sure you’ll notice has been given a lick of paint and some much-needed TLC) will be bringing you the freshest, most delicious dishes for takeaway from the hip and happening Hackney Downs Studios.

From aubergine parm sandwiches from MOB’s very own Sophie Wyburd to feta-stuffed meatballs from the brilliant Ellie Silcock, there’s going to be loads of top-shelf grub for you to get your hands on. All you’ve got to do is buy yourself a ticket and arrive on time.

As for what’s happening on which weekend, here’s what the MOB Truck schedule for May looks like:

Nico Reynolds's Curried Chickpea Arepa, 22nd-23rd May


How does tucking into a smoked plantain and curried chickpea arepa sound to you? Because it sounds pretty brilliant to me. Served with Haitian epis slaw and coconut rice, this banging dish from the supremely talented Nico Reynolds is one you’re not going to want to miss.

Buy your tickets here.

Ellie Silcock's Feta Stuffed Meatballs, 29th-30th May

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If I had to choose a final meal to eat before I die, I think that I might genuinely go for a plate of Ellie Silcock’s cheese-stuffed meatballs served with charred courgettes and roasted garlic yoghurt. All wrapped up in a pillowy Ararat flatbread and topped with salsa verde and hazelnut, that very dish can be yours from the 29th-30th May. And you don’t even have to die for it.

Buy your tickets here.

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