What On Earth Is Hard Seltzer?

Want to know more about 2021's hottest ice-cold bev? You’ve come to the right place to learn all about this low-cal, sparkling alcoholic beverage.
Two Brooks

Drinking cans of G&T in the park while sitting a comfortable six feet away from your closest friends is so 2020, MOB.

It’s 2021 now – the world is slowly returning back to normal and that means we’re going to be shouting “and how’s work been?” at our friends over a few cheeky, chilled tins of hard seltzer instead. Why? Well, for one, because it’s always fun to explore the ins and outs of a new beverage. And two, because hard seltzers are actually pretty good. I'll be the first to admit that I wasn’t sold on hard seltzers when they first came out. In my over-pretentious grumpiness, I thought it was a gimmick that would burn out after a few months but it seems like most of the big producers have worked the kinks out of the system and that hard seltzers are here to stay.

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I know you’ve probably heard the term bandied about, and you’ve probably even seen a couple of cans taking up space in the cold section of your local off-license over the last couple of months, but what actually is a hard seltzer? Well, in layman’s terms, it’s alcoholic sparkling water. Yes, it’s an alcoholic beverage that’s actually capable of hydrating you and giving you a buzz at the same time. That’s pretty magical, right? So if you're after a beverage that’s not going to leave you feeling gassy in the park after a couple of tins, hard seltzer might just be the answer to your prayers.

There’s a load of different hard seltzer brands out there who make their products according to their own individual recipes but if you’re looking to try one that won’t leave your mouth feeling like it’s just gone ten rounds with an aspartame Ivan Drago, you should give Two Brooks the time of day. Two Brooks is a London-based independent alcohol brand that prides itself on using only three ingredients in their cans: a fruit spirit base made from British apples, filtered sparkling water, and 100% natural fruit flavouring. All they do is jazz up that carbonated spring water with some of those natural flavourings and a dash of 4% alcohol to take that seltzer from soft to hard. Simple.

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Founded by siblings Francesca and Fabio, Two Brooks is all about keeping things as simple, natural and familiar as possible. Both Francesca and Fabio are sparkling water fanatics (the kind of people who’d nail a San Pellegrino blind taste test if given one) and they’ve brought their shared passion for fizzy water to the hard seltzer scene. Which is good news for thirsty people like you and me.

Two Brooks currently come in three different flavours (Lime Cooler, Passion Star, and Mango Hi-Ball) and every can comes adorned by the brand's sweet little otter logo. You can check out their full range of products here and see for yourself what all the fuss about hard seltzer is about for yourself.

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