Best Vegan Chocolate Bars

Navigating the world of vegan chocolate can be hard, let alone finding a dairy-free option that actually tastes good. We're here to help. Here's our faves.

Now, I’m no fully-fledged vegan. I know, a tad ironic considering this is a piece centered around vegan chocolate. But don’t come for me just yet, as I have recently discovered that I am, in fact, intolerant to dairy, which basically means I’m giving veganism a real go. And as part of my plan to give veganism a real go, I’m on the search for the best vegan chocolate bars out there. So, I've taken it upon myself to nibble my way through a parade of vegan-friendly chocolate bars in an attempt to save you guys the disappointment of buying one that’s, well – not very nice.

But seriously, I’m not just doing this for the sake of my hankering appetite for chocolate. I’m doing this because the market for vegan chocolate is booming. A comparison made by The Grocer sourced from a report by Nielson IQ, claims that between 2020 and 2022, “the value of the free-from chocolate category soared nearly 50% – from £37.6m to £55.2m.” And that’s not just because vegans now make up an estimated 600,000 in the UK, but because the likes of flexitarianism is on the up. That’s right, more and more of us are at least *attempting* a more balanced, plant-based lifestyle, with our diets at the forefront of what we’re changing up.

And with that, it only makes sense we turn out attention to the best vegan chocolate bars for 2023. From leading brands like Cadbury to independents like Ombar and HAPPi, here are 5 of our favourite vegan chocolate bars.

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Tony’s Dark Almond Sea Salt

Tonys dark almond sea salt

In at top spot, it’s Tony’s Dark Almond Sea Salt. This, without a doubt, overthrew all other contenders when it came to taste. I would even go as far as saying I actually preferred it to a lot of milk chocolate bars I’ve tried in the past. That being said, in the world of chocolate, you’re either a Tony’s fan or you’re not. It’s certainly a brand of chocolate that’s aimed to please the population of us that prefer dark chocolate over milk.

The ethical brand’s take on a vegan chocolate bar is pretty much the definition of indulgent. Not overly sweet, but sweet enough, this bar comes studded with chunks of almond and features a sprinkling of salt which I found only added to the chocolate flavour (I’ve previously found Tony’s somewhat heavy-handed when it comes to sea salt).

Certainly the weightiest out of the bars I tried, this number also has a satisfying crunch and definitely gets points for its sharp snap.

Ombar Smooth & Creamy Chocolate

Ombar smooth chocolate

Next up, it’s Ombar. Available in four core flavours – Smooth Original, Hazelnut, Salted Caramel Truffle and Fruit & Nut, plus a run of 30g gems (hello Blueberry & Acai, and Raspberry & Coconut) – it’s safe to assume that Ombar knows a thing or two about producing vegan choc, what with such an extensive range of flavours. And that they do.

The brand’s Smooth Original bar has clearly taken the dark chocolate route. It’s a tad bitter, but in a decadent, not unpleasant kind of way. Good with a cuppa, I must admit. The chocolate itself is solid to the touch. I can imagine it would fare well shaved into a hot chocolate, or even as the base for a hot chocolate. It doesn’t taste overly oat-y either, which I was a smidge wary about before trying. The bar also has a clean snap, which makes its melt-in-the-mouth characteristics rather surprising.

Ombar flavours

Cadbury Plant Bar

Cadbury plant bar

Back when I used to eat dairy, Cadbury Dairy Milk (or Galaxy Cookie Crumble, depending on my mood) would be my ride-or-die. I grew up on the brand's signature advent calendars, loved nothing more than when my dad would bring home a "sharing" bar and always reached for an extension of the brand's products whenever I fancied something sweet to complete my meal deal. So, as you can imagine, I had high hopes for the leading brand’s plant-based adaptation.

As for the mouthfeel, it's creamy and smooth – much like Dairy Milk. But the flavour doesn't quite match. Here, I felt like the almonds overpowered the bar a little, not leaving much room for anything else. Of course, if you're a fan of nuttier-tasting chocolate, then this is the bar for you. I just found the almond flavour a touch too distinctive.

Even so, this bar easily won when it came to resemblance. It's pretty much identical to its dairy counterpart, with the only noticeable difference coming from the bar’s thickness. I can picture it working really well in bakes.

H!P Oat Milk Creamy & Smooth

HP oat milk bar

H!P's Oat Milk Creamy & Smooth Chocolate is certainly giving Dairy Milk vibes. And there's no wonder – H!P was founded in 2021 by James Cadbury, the great great great-grandson of John Cadbury (yes, that John Cadbury).

As far as flavours go, it's big on oat milk. The use of oat milk gives it an even, smooth-tasting bite which is pretty mind-boggling considering it's dairy-free. That being said, if you're not a lover of oat milk you might find the flavour a little one-note and dense.

HAPPi Plain Milk

HAP Pi oat milk chocolate

Undeniably the creamiest out of the vegan chocolate bars I tasted, this fully sustainable pick from HAPPi is impressive. Keeping in chime with classic dark chocolate, it’s not too sweet (definitely a popular trait amongst most plant-based bars) and is incredibly smooth. I like this one for snacking on, but can see it working just as well in the kitchen. The bar itself is perfectly sized – not too big, not too small, and features the sweetest branding.

Happi flavours

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