The Fry Up Police Try To Give You A Heart Attack

Tom Shiers, the founder of the Fry Up Police, shows us how to make his ultimate Fry Up.
Fry up police
Tom in the studio

Presenting The Boss Tom Shiers, the founder of the Fry Up Police (FUP). FUP is a platform that celebrates the British fry up and showcases only the population's best fry ups. It was created in 2014 off the back of a comedy forum and Tom's love for the fry up.

The fry up is an incredibly difficult dish to get right, whether it be nailing the perfect yolk consistency, the crispiness of the bacon or if mash potato is acceptable or not? What makes the perfect fry up has the nation divided, but Tom is here to save you from a fry up faux pas.

From the chef himself, the key to the perfect fry up is a slowly cooked sausage, smoked bacon, charred tomatoes, fried egg (not crispy), potato rösti and beans. Always beans. To top this off, you have to fry the bread in the leftover fat from the meat.

If you think you can make an incredible fry up, Tom hosts a Facebook page @thefryuppolice where he reposts all fry ups and slates your attempt. It’s a no-nonsense group set up to celebrate the fry up. Make your best fry up and see whether the Fry Up Police rate it.

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The Ultimate Sunday Morning Fry Up
Tom's Tip

Tom can see no better drink to accompany your fry up than the ultimate Bloody Mary. The Majestic Mary.

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"Born out of passion for ingredients and the Great British Fry Up"

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