16 TikTok Food Accounts You Need To Follow

Want some quick and easy recipes delivered to you by an all-seeing algorithm? These are the food-related TikTok accounts you need to be watching and following.
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TikTok is a wild, wild west of content. There’s WitchTok, there’s WatchTok, there’s DogTok, there’s DanceTok, there's DadTok, there’s so many different sides and niches of TikTok out there that it’s sometimes nigh-on impossible to find what you’re looking for. The all-seeing algorithm tends to dictate what you watch (and when you watch it) and it’s easy to get stuck in a loophole of seeing identikit influencers dancing and lip-syncing to Doja Cat because of that. And, yes, I am speaking from personal experience here. And, yes, I do know all the moves to the 'Say So' dance.

Thankfully, just as food culture has made its presence felt on Instagram and various other forms of media, it's also trundled its way onto TikTok, too. We've already documented some of the weird TikTok hacks out there, and when it comes to quick and easy recipes, there's myriad food TikTok accounts that exist on the platform looking to help you become a better cook in the kitchen. Most of them are, of course, terrible. But there’s enough good ones out there to make it a scene that’s worth exploring. Lucikly for you, I’ve done the hard graft of scrolling through FoodTok in bed and I’ve rounded up the best accounts for you to follow to make sure your feed is fed with some delicious recipe videos and how-tos. These are 16 of the TikTok food accounts you need to follow. You’re welcome.

Poppy Cooks

Poppy Cooks

Poppy O’Toole (aka @poppycooks) is Michelin-trained chef who has taken to TikTok like a duck to water. A duck with snappy, crisp skin that’s been thrown in a pancake with some shredded springs onions and hoisin sauce, that is. Poppy’s recipes are approachable and eye-catching and she’s got a much calmer screen presence than your usual jittery, I'm-pretty-sure-they’ve-just-had-six-Red-Bulls brigade of TikTok influencers. Come for the tasty content, stay for the Brummie accent.

Sams Eats

Sams Eats

TikTok is a platform that’s pretty much been tailor-made for music and @samseats is one of the most musical cooking accounts on the platform. Sam Way’s succinct recipe videos are well-edited, absurdly percussive, and provide an almost hypnotic ASMR-like effect when you're watching them. Not only are they fun to watch, but the food that Sam whips up always looks delicious, too. Give him a follow, MOB.


What Willy

If you like your tucker to come with a side order of comedy then @WhatWilly is a food account you should absolutely be following, MOB. WordArt maestro Will Hughes is both the handsome chap in front of the camera and the man behind the esoteric Final Cut Pro editing that makes WhatWilly one of the most entertaining recipe accounts on the internet. Specialising in "recipes not stressipes," Will's bread and butter are dishes that look good, taste great, and are ideal for knocking up when your motivation levels have hit an all-time low. Check him out. It'd be rude not to.



Food can be a wonderful, healing thing and it’s accounts like @thisisiona that are capable of reminding me just that. With a focus on self-care and rediscovering the joys that come with cooking and eating, Iona has one of the most uplifting food TikTok accounts on the app. Her ‘Recontextualising Food’ series, which attempts to fight back against the proliferation of toxic diet culture, is a remedy. Watch, listen, and try to take some of Iona’s advice on board.



Seema Pankhania (@seemagetsbaked) is our very own food producer here at MOB Kitchen, so I'm a little biased when I say that she's got one of the best food accounts on TikTok. But I'm going to say it anyway. Seema's recipes are always simple and delicious and she's great at making videos that are as easy to follow as they are entertaining. Her 10-minute dumpling soup will change your life. Or, at the very least, change your lunch.

Vivian Aronson

Cooking Bomb

Vivian Aronson (or @cookingbomb as she goes by on TikTok) has got one of the most interesting and informative food accounts around. Traditional Chinese recipes are Viivan’s speciality and the high production values of her recipe videos only helping to make them extra enticing. If you’ve always wanted to find out how to make a real-deal ramen or chicken lo mein, this is the account for you.

Thomas Straker

Thomas Straker

Thomas Straker is a talented, talented man and his TikTok account is worth a follow for any novice cook that's worth their salt. As a genuine professional chef, Straker is in a better position than most to help you on the hots and his simple recipe videos do an excellent job at teaching you the basics while also highlighting just how much more you've got left to learn. Spend just a couple of minutes on StrakerTok and you'll come out a better cook with a much better working knowledge of how flavour works. That's my promise to you.

The Pasta Queen

The Pasta Queen

“Let’s make a carbonara like the Roman Gods intended.” Those were the first words I ever heard uttered by The Pasta Queen and I’ve been hooked on her TikTok cooking account ever since. Nadia Caterina Munno’s strong Italian accent – and even stronger passion for pasta – is the major draw of her content. The Pasta Queen manages to be both highly entertaining and genuinely informative at the same time, delicately treading the line between the two opposing poles. Don’t watch any of her videos on an empty stomach, though, MOB – you’ll be jonesing for a plate of rigatoni like nobody’s business.

Eat Figs Not Pigs

Eats Figs Not Pigs

Veganism is, considering its huge Gen-Z following, unsurprisingly popular on TikTok and Ashley Hankins (@eat_figs_not_pigs) is one of the best vegan food accounts that you should be aware of. Whether it’s a recipe for vegan birria tacos or an egg-free caramelized onion and Swiss chard frittata, Ashley’s recipes are always super straightforward and her videos are a great example of how vegan cooking doesn’t have to be needlessly complicated or include a hundred obscure ingredients. This one’s for the plant-based, MOB.

The Moody Foody

Moody Foody

There’s something about watching someone slowly chop and sauté a punnet of cherry tomatoes to Chopin that’s just innately relaxing. That’s why The Moody Foody is one of my favourite food accounts on TikTok. Rather than blasting you with an obnoxious voiceover, Fabrizio Villalpando's videos utilise soothing music and delicate visuals to walk you through some simple recipes. They’re slower, more meditative than most of the other videos on this list and I’d recommend them if you want a change of pace from TikTok’s usually manic vibe.

Tabitha Brown

Tabitha Brown

If you’re after a food TikTok account that’s just unrelenting good vibes then you need to follow @iamtabithabrown. Tabitha refers to herself as “the world’s favourite mum” and it’s not hard to see where she’s coming from. The vegan recipes she uploads are the kind of comfort food you’d expect from a loving parent and Tabitha’s relaxing voiceovers and infectious catchphrases are an absolute joy to behold. Tabitha’s passion for Old Bay is nothing short of inspiring and you should give her a follow if you want your feed to be populated by wholesome vegan content.

Sheck Eats

Sheck Eats

Jeremy Sheck (@sheckeats) has turned a side hustle into something special with his TikTok account dedicated to gorgeous looking plates of food and decadent bakes. Some of his videos are slightly more complex than others but even if you’re a humble uni student working with just a few hobs, you’re sure to find something on Sheck’s channel that you can have a go at making. This is food porn with plot and substance.


That Dude Can Cook

I’m not usually a huge fan of that specifically American brand of high-energy, “aw shucks” sincerity but it’s hard to get annoyed at Sonny Hurrell (aka @thatdudecancook) when all he really wants to do is make you a better cook through the medium of TikTok. Sonny’s videos are informative without overwhelming you with too many intricate moves and ingredients but he also doesn’t dumb down anything for the internet, either. Expect some genuinely useful cooking advice from what seems like a genuine guy. Just be prepared for him to be slightly irritating.

A Cook Named Matt

Cooking with Matt

Chef Matt Broussard is the creator of @acooknamedmatt – one of the most professional food TikTok accounts around. Eschewing any of your typical clickbait gimmicks or extravagant dishes made to go viral, Matt’s focus is on making high-quality food and high-quality content. You can find recipes for everything from spätzle to wagyu steak on Matt’s TikTok with the tidbits of information he drops every video being well worth your time. Watch all his videos and you’ll actually come out with a better understanding of how cooking works which is, for TikTok, exceedingly rare.

Chef Chris Cho

Chef Chris Cho

Bulgogi tortillas, hand-torn noodle soup, and more banchan than you can possibly handle are just a few of the dangerously tasty Korean eats to expect from Chef Chris Cho (@chefchrischo) and his TikTok account. With over 1.8m followers, Chris specialises in Korean cooking and his TikTok videos are a real educational insight into the nation’s cuisine. Well, most of them are. Some of them will just show you how to make, like, the ultimate soju bomb. But I think we can all agree that there’s value to be had in both. This is the perfect food TikTok to follow when you’re up for adding some spice to your life.

MOB Kitchen

MOB Kitchen

Yes, we’re on TikTok. Yes, you should be following us at @mobkitchen if you aren’t already. You’ll find recipe videos for heaps of our classic MOB bangers as well as instructionals on how to make some fresh new dishes that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. If you’re ever stuck for inspiration on what to cook for dinner, just have a scroll through the MOBTok and I guarantee that you’ll find something that takes your fancy.

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