The World’s Best Burgers (According to A Burger Expert)

From In-N-Out to Cassell’s, burger expert Adam Layton tells us where to find the best burgers on the planet. You're gonna be surprised by a few of them.

You like burgers, right? I mean, you’ve clicked on an article about the world’s best burgers, so I’m going to go ahead and assume that you’re at least a fairweather fan of a juicy patty placed in a soft and squishy bun. Regardless of how much you like burgers, though, I can pretty much guarantee that you’re not a big of a burger fan as Adam Layton.

As one of the founders of National Burger Day and current master saucier at Honest Burgers, Adam has had more great burgers than you’ve had burgers. He's responsible for every local and national special at Honest and literally travels the world in search of the best ingredients and burgers for inspo, recreating them for Honest and coming up with as many as 40 unique burgers at a time.

I’m telling you all this because National Burger Day is on August 27th – It’s the one day a year where you’re practically encouraged to eat a burger for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And, to honour that grand occasion, I thought I’d ask Adam to tell MOB Kitchen about five of the very best burgers he’s ever had. “I'm really into smashed burgers, so these are my top in the world,” says Adam, “I don't think there are many people doing it right in the UK but shout out to Danny's Burgers in Bristol.” Yes, MOB, these are the very best burgers in the world (according to a bonafide burger expert). Tuck in.

1. Burgers Never Say Die, LA

"Smashed burger simplicity from a group of smashed burger purists. They do fries but back in the day it was all about the burger with a bag of crisps. Always order two!"

2. Big Mec, LA

"A sloppy, saucy burger at a strip mall bistro with foie gras-infused red wine Bordelaise sauce. Need I say more?"

3. In-N-Out, California and a bit beyond

"Everyone has their custom secret menu order at In-N-Out tattooed in their mind. Mine is a 4x4 animal style with chopped chillies, well-done fries and a Neapolitan shake."

4. Patty Melt at Cassell's, LA

"Patty melts are just so fun. This is a real old school joint. If I'm doing them at home I spread mayo on the outside layer of bread (as you would with a great grilled cheese) to get that same effect."

5. The Dirty Burg at The Loyalist, Chicago

"An upmarket steakhouse burger. I'd call it a payday burger. I copied the Dirty Burg more or less verbatim for our Honest CHICAGO special, making copycat homemade A1 steak sauce and lacing it with Maker's Mark bourbon. It's saucy with garlic mayo and American cheese (the essential burger cheese) but sharp with the fruity steak sauce and pickles. Grilled onions are always welcome on a burger."

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