The Ultimate Sourdough Crumpets

The sourdough crumpet. It's something we all wish we knew how to make. It's so simple, delicious and the perfect way to use up your leftover starter.
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The simple crumpet complete with beautiful holes perfect for capturing up all those delicious spreads.

Every time you feed your sourdough starter you have to discard a fair amount of it. There’s no avoiding it: Doing so keeps your mixture fresh and active and stops it from developing a powerful vinegary smell.

It does raise the question, though, of whether you should simply throw away your discard or find a use for it. Enter sourdough crumpets. There are actually many things you can do with your discard starter (see MOB’s sourdough banana bread recipe) but crumpets are probably the thing I turn to most.

It is deeply satisfying to watch the alchemy of the whole process: dropping in the mixture and watching the bubbles rise to the surface and burst as the crumpets form. The results are delicious.

The only other ingredients they require are a little more flour, as well as baking powder and water. I cook mine in little egg rings, which you can get for a few pounds off Amazon and which give them their crumpet-y roundness, but you can equally just pour some starter into a small frying pan and let it coat the bottom and you’ll end up with a giant crumpet. Go on, try it.

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