How To Make The Perfect Negroni

The Negroni is a simple alcoholic cocktail that’s easy to get right, and even easier to get wrong. Here are our tips on how to make the perfect Negroni.
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The perfect Negroni in all it's glory.

Ah, the Negroni… a classic Italian cocktail that’s easy to make, and even easier to utterly fuck up. Said to have been invented in 1919 by a Count with a taste for hard liquor, the ruby red beverage is made up of just three essential components: sweet vermouth (25ml), Campari (25ml), and gin (25ml).

You Must Take Care

It’s a straightforward chorus of alcohol that can create a jarring din if you’re not careful. Use too much vermouth and your drink will taste like tree bark; too much Campari will overpower the ensemble with its bittersweet punch; and too much gin will leave you wincing after every sip. When it’s made right though, a Negroni is damn near perfect – a heady and potent concoction that goes great before a meal, slowly seeping into every pleasure nook inside your skull.

Even if you’ve never experienced the joys of a Negroni before you might have found yourself intrigued to test one out during lockdown thanks to a mixture of A) boredom, B) the drink’s ‘gram friendly aesthetic, and C) its recent championing by celebs like Stanley Tucci.

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1:1:1 gin, Campari and sweet vermouth plus some fragrant orange peel. It couldn't be simpler. Enjoy.

What's The Best Method To Make A Negroni?

Well, first things first, you should not follow any of Tucci’s advice on how to make the drink. Sorry, Tucc’, I loved you in The Devil Wears Prada, but your Negroni game is off.

Contra to Tucci’s 2:1:1 shaken-not-stirred variation, a simple 1:1:1 ratio is the best way to approach making the cocktail at home. To start, simply add 25ml of sweet vermouth, Campari, and gin into a mixing glass filled with ice. Stir that with a bar spoon until the glass turns cold to touch. If you haven’t got a fancy mixing glass, use any tall glass you’ve got on hand. If you haven’t got a bar spoon, any long spoon or chopstick-like device will do. The Negroni isn’t just for Florentine counts anymore.

Once you’ve finished stirring, strain and pour the mixture into a tumbler crowded with two large ice cubes. Next, you’re going to want to cut off a 5cm strip of orange peel using a sharp knife. Express that peel, and its zesty oils, into your drink by rinsing it like a wet towel over the top of your glass before throwing it in for a swim. That’ll add a pleasant citrus note to the drink and... that’s it. You’ve just made a Negroni. Welcome to the club.

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