The Best Natural Wine Subscriptions

From Shop Cuvée and Crispin to Wayward Wines and Oranj Wine, these natural wine subscription boxes will satisfy your organic and biodynamic vino desires.
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If you’re reading this article about the best natural wine subscriptions boxes, it's safe to assume you're interested in natural wine. But what actually is natural wine? Well, that’s a simple question with a slightly less-simple answer. Natural wine isn’t a style of wine but rather a concept or movement within the wine scene. If that sounds a bit vague that’s because, well, it is. There’s no hard and fast rule as to what classifies a natural wine but most winemakers that fall under the category will have farmed their grapes organically (without the use of any pesticides or herbicides) and turned those grapes into wine without the addition of any additives.

Think of it like the difference between drinking a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice and glass of Tropicana. Sure, the former can sometimes be a little pulpy, and most fresh OJ tends to be less consistent than the formulaic deliciousness of the latter, but you always can tell when drinking it that there’s something “alive” in a glass. Something a little bit magical. And, just like a fresh orange juice that tastes of the soil, the sun, and the bright blue sky can make you question why you ever bought generic-brand juice in the first place, a truly great natural wine – a serve that might share more in common with bottled lightning than fermented grapes – will change your mind about conventional wine altogether.

As you’d expect from any movement that prides itself on variety and originality, navigating the natural wine scene is no easy feat. Knowing which bottles are the brightest and best, and which taste like a hen’s arse, takes a lot of trial and error. And, in the long run, can end up costing you a fair bit of money.

One of the best (and most affordable) ways to find out more about natural wine, while simultaneously ensuring that you’re only drinking the cream of the crop, is through signing up to a natural wine subscription service. After all, what could be better than getting a crate of natural wine, hand-selected by an expert sommelier, delivered to your door every month? Well, aside from actually drinking that wine, of course.

If you’re intrigued to learn more about the world of natural wine, we’d recommend signing yourself up for one of the brilliant subscriptions below. These are the best natural wine subscription services you’re going to find.

Wanderlust Wine

Wanderlust Wines

Wanderlust Wine sounds like it should be the name for an Instagram account owned by a tanned couple with veneers who jet around the world sampling bottles of Bordeaux. Thankfully, it’s a hell of a lot cooler than that. Wanderlust Wine is a natural wine subscription service that allows you to get organic, sustainable and artisanal wines delivered to your flat/house/McMansion every two months. Memberships come in either ‘Silver’ (four bottles of wine every two months), ‘Gold’ (eight bottles of wine every two months), or ‘Platinum’ (ten bottles of wine every two months), so it’s up to you to gauge how many bottles you can get through. With each case you’ll also be given the skinny on each wine, including background information on the producer, tasting notes, and food pairing suggestions.

Use the code 'MOBWINE' to get 25% off your first box AND 25% off an additional six-bottle discover box.


Wine Poster

Now, this is a natural wine subscription that just reeks of “cool”. Sign up to this über stylish members club and you’ll be sent sommelier-curated natural wine bottle cases, an artist commissioned poster, and be given special access to a host of on and offline wine tastings, pop-up food events, art shows and parties. If you make the cut, that is. There are only 49 new spaces available per month at clubOranj because, in their own words, they want to “stay small, considered, to grow slowly, and naturally, like the vines that produce the wine you drink.” They’re all about quality over quantity at clubOranj which – let’s face it – is very, very cool and something we are very, very into. February's collaboration case includes wines selected by Akoko sommelier Henna Zinzuwadia, a passionate poster (see above) from artist Adelina Sasnauskaitė, and tunes for all the lovers out there chosen by NTS radio host Zakia Sewell.

Shop Cuvée

Top Cuvee 2

Choosing what wine you want to drink is hard, man. It’s easy to get distracted by snazzy labels and punny names without gaining any concrete understanding about what it is you’re actually buying. Luckily, Shop Cuvée’s wine subscription removes that all hassle of choosing your own bottles by curating a selection of the very best natural wine in town that you can get delivered to your gaff each and every month. You can either get three bottles of bangers – hand-selected by the Cuvée team – for £55 (including shipping) or you can do what any self-respecting wino will do and opt for the six-bottle delivery for £110 (including shipping). Happy sipping.

Ambient Wine

Turi 1 is a fairly new wine subscription club that features a load of independent and hard-to-find cuvées – many of which were previously exclusive to restaurants – now available for home delivery. This is one for the real heads out there as, until fairly recently, the team at Ambient had been bent on supplying over 100 of the UK’s leading restaurants with the best natural wines from around the world. Now, they’re keen to ply you, the MOB, with those same grailed bottles of previously restaurant-bound wines. All at a price typically one-third of what you’d expect from a restaurant wine list. Choose from a selection of cases including red, white, and orange wine for £120 per month. That might sound steep but it’s an investment worth making.

Use the code 'AMBIENTMOB' to get £10 off your first box.



Becoming a card-carrying member of the Crispin Wine Club is a lot easier than joining any other club. Free from any pretensions and haughty attitudes about wine, this natural and low-intervention wine subscription offers you the chance to get your mitts on a host of bottles selected by Crispin’s in-house sommelier, Stefano Cazzato, with a focus on natural, biodynamic and low-intervention wines from small producers and co-operatives. Expect a range of easy drinkers as well as some pretty bright and interesting bottles. All you’ve got to do to join the club is decide how many bottles you want, what style of wine you’re after, and how often you’d like your subscription delivered. A three-bottle delivery will set you back £55 whereas the five-bottle option is £90. Not only that but with every box delivered you’ll also receive a 20% discount code to be used next time you dine at Crispin.

Humble Grape

Fancy hearing the comforting clink of artisan wines being plopped on your doorstep in the morning? Then the Humble Grape Wine Club is the natural wine subscription for you, my friend. How does it work? Well, once you sign up Humble Grape’s wine geeks will handpick a selection of wines from their unique and sustainable independent vineyards – based on if you want all white, all red or a 50/50 mix – and deliver those six bottles straight to your address along with some tasting notes to help you learn more about the wines. Humble Grape orders their wine directly from the wineries themselves, so this is a great way to impress your mates and support small producers at the same time. It’s £120 a month for a case a month or £60 for a case every two months. Becoming a member of the wine club also gets you free invites to wine tastings and 10% off the bill in their wine shops, bars, and online shop. We’ll drink to that.

Savage Vines

A lot of things in life are best left to the experts. Mainly things like dentistry and singing onstage in front of thousands of people but I’m a firm believer that choosing the right wine also falls under that category. That’s where Savage Vines comes in. This wine subscription service has a mission statement of getting you out of the supermarket and introducing you to new wine regions and grape varieties that you might have never even heard of before. All the wines come directly from small, independent winemakers that focus on organic and biodynamic wine made with minimal intervention that have as little impact on the environment as possible. As for the price? Well, a three-bottle monthly delivery (which includes a handy wine map, tasting notes, and even a podcast to chat you through the grapes) will cost you £42. If that’s the answer to life, the universe, and everything then we don’t know what is.

Rebellious Goods

Rebellious Goods

Dalston-based Rebellious Goods is where you should be looking to get your skin-contact fix in the form of a box of three or six hand-picked natural wines delivered straight to your doorstep every month. By importing all of the wine they stock themselves, Rebellious Goods are able to get their hands on some of the freshest and most interesting wines around without the middleman markups. Which, by proxy, means that you can get your hands on those lush bottles, too. Boxes are curated with a unique theme every month; the three-bottle box is £60 and the six-bottle option is £120.

Pull The Cork

Pull The Cork

If you want to find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes when it comes to biodynamic wine, this might be the natural wine subscription for you. Pull The Cork’s aptly named Discovery Club is the perfect service for allowing you to discover new wines and attend exclusive virtual wine tastings every single month. This isn’t one for the commitment-phobes, however. The “starter pack” (which nets you six specially selected wines for £149 per month) requires a minimum three-month subscription. Considering that you get fast and free UK delivery along with all those hard-to-access wines, we’d say it’s worth the investment if you’re serious about your grog.

Wolf Wine

Wolf Wine

Are you lost in a crowd when it comes to the world of natural wine? Wolf Wine are more than capable of guiding you out of that crowd and into a lovely, secluded forest of grape appreciation. Born out of a wooden cabin (no, really) in the historical city of Bath, Wolf Wine are big into approachability and are all about making the world of low-intervention wine as user-friendly as possible. That’s why they’ve got a huge range of wine subscription boxes ranging from a standard two bottle box for £38 per month all the way up to a premium six-bottle box for £125 per month. No matter which takes your fancy, all boxes will be delivered free of charge and include a tasting notes sheet with information about each wine along with food pairing suggestions if you happen to be hungry like the wolf.


Provisions shop inside 05 1 Laura Jalbert
Provisions should be your next stop for natty wine goodness. Photograph: Laura Jalbert.

North London wine legends Provisions have got a nationwide monthly wine subscription that looks set to take you on a delicious vino adventure each and every month. Whether that's an expedition through the wines of the Rhône region or a trek to the heart of a single grape variety, each themed case comes hand-picked from a group of small, independent winemakers by the Provisions crack team of oenophiles. Each case, which priced at a decent £120 per month, contains six different wines along with handy tasting sheets to guide you through each bottle. Chin-chin.

Hop Burns & Black

4 Rosato

Hop Burns & Black might specialise in the hoppier stuff but the south-east London beer experts have also got a pretty banging natural wine subscription service, too. The monthly rolling subscription sees you receive the Natural Wine Killers box of three incredible natural wines (plus expert tasting notes, food pairings and a recipe) every month for £59.95 (excluding shipping). Payment for the first month is made at the time you order. After that, the monthly payment will automatically be taken on the 5th of each month and your box will be sent out on or around the 8th. All wines are 100% natural and chosen to showcase as wide a range of styles from some of the most exciting winemakers on the planet as possible.

Monty Wines

Czech Republic mixed case Monty Wines

Welcome to Club Monty! It’s warm! It’s comfortable! It’s sulphite-free! This natural wine subscription service from Monty Wines caters to everyone from complete beginners to wizened natty veterans. Each wine subscription includes a mix of natural and organic wines sourced from around the globe, giving you the chance to discover new wines without doing any of the hard graft. There are three different options to choose from: ‘The Novice’ – which gets you two to three bottles for £40; ‘The Explorer’ – which gets you four to six bottles for £75; or ‘The Connoisseur’ which gets you eight to twelve bottles for £150. You’ll receive a different box each time to keep you on your toes, but if there’s a wine you fall in love with, just let Monty know and they'll make sure it’s in every order.

Abel & Cole

Yes, Abel & Cole sell natural wine. Becoming a member of A&C’s monthly organic wine club is a cheap and easy way to get to grips with a horde of different grapes and styles of wine. Every month, Abel & Cole wine expert, Honey Spencer, will put together a new trio of organic wines alongside in-depth tasting notes to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. The fact this costs just £30 makes it ideal for anyone looking to see what separates the wheat from the chaff in the low-intervention scene and the ever-changing roster of wines ensures you’ll be pleasantly surprised every month.

Bat and Bottle

The Bat and Bottle Wine Club offers unprecedented access to some of the most extraordinary wines Italy has to offer. Owners Emma and Ben Robson have been importing Italian wine directly from small producers for over 20 years and remain, to this day, hyper-focussed on small production, artisan wines. The Club's wines are those, usually only available in tiny quantities, that the Robsons would normally buy for themselves. Bat and Bottle have got two different subscription models available. The ‘Vini Curiosity’ membership means you can get a quarterly six-bottle case, comprising six different super cutting edge wines, while the ‘Conspirators’ membership is a quarterly offer with a twelve bottle case made up of four wines packed in threes. Both are priced at £159 per case and the cases themselves are sent out in January, April, July and October. This wine subscription feels like being part of a genuine family.

Little Wine

LITTLEWINE Roots Pack December

Wine is something that should connect you on a deeper level with nature; with the very roots and ground that those grapes have come from. Little Wine understands that and has not only created an online destination where you can learn about all things natural wine but they’ve created a spate of natural wine subscription boxes to help you uncover more about that connection between wine and the planet. The £50 per month ‘Roots’ package is a good gateway into the genre: every month will see you receive two delicious bottles of natural wine made by groundbreaking winemakers and a load of information about what's behind the bottle. The £180 per month ‘Cosmos’ package is for the true obsessives and contains six rare bottles of natural wine. Sticking to their guns when it comes to helping the world, Little Wine guarantees all its shipments are carbon neutral and arrive in 100% recyclable packaging.

Low Intervention


Low Intervention by name and low intervention by nature, this boundary-pushing digital bottle shop is an excellent place to track down some juicy bottles of natural wine. As for the Low Intervention subscription? Well, it’s the perfect way to discover the work of an exciting new wave of winemakers, all in one place. Sign up to get yourself monthly drops of eclectic bottles designed to suit just about every palate. Expect bright, vibrant wines for spring and summer with darker, more meditative wines for the cooler months of autumn and winter. When it comes to cost, it’s £50 for two to three bottles of natural per month, £100 for five to six bottles per month, and £250 for six to ten bottles per month. You’ll be looking forward to every drop with glee – trust us, MOB.

Lucy's Wine

Lucys Wine Lifestyle 2 022

Are you a bit of a commitment-phobe and want to see what the natty wine scene has to offer without signing up to a multi-month subscription service? We've got just the option, MOB. Lucy’s Wine is a natural wine delivery service where you can get a monthly selection of natural, organic, and sustainable wines without any of the ties to a long-term subscription. Each box is given a personal touch, having been handpicked by founder Lucy Dix Dalwadi, with prices starting from £42 for the three-bottle ‘Starter Box’ to the £130 six-bottle 'Selection Box'. Along with, well, Lucy’s wine you can expect your delivery to come with online access to simple descriptions of the bottles along with more detailed tasting notes and a glossary of wine terms to get yourself acquainted with. Sounds good.

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