Summer Drinks Trends

What You & Your Mates Should Be Drinking This Summer

It's time to spruce up your choice in drinks, Mob. Here, Maz Gould discusses the drinks trends that are going to pop-off this summer. And yes — there's going to be more tequila.

Pimm’s! Aperol Spritz! Dare I say… (cheap) Rosé! Each of these are ubiquitous with a British summertime. But they’re also fundamentally basic. Now, before you run to your gal pals, plot against me and shun my entire existence, let me explain why I believe I’m uniquely qualified to talk about this topic. And why, inevitably, I feel like it’s time we moved on.

Since I’ve been of legal age to drink in the UK, an Aperol Spritz has been my go-to summertime drink. I considered it a sanctimonious rite of passage the very second a sorrowful smidgen of sun would appear. But let’s be real, Mob. These liquid concoctions are well past their sell-by date. Not to mention, so last year. Instead, I want to offer you some friendly advice on what you and your mates should be drinking this summer. With some help from some clued up mates of mine, of course.

Summer Drinks Trends 2

First off, though, I want you to know that I’m not the only one thinking this. Frank Burke, Owner of The Jane Eyre in Chorlton, Manchester, tells Pinch how he reckons there will be “less of the Aperol Spritz, as people will be more willing to try something a little different.” He sees more simple and put-together spritzes spiking in popularity, and bartenders making use out of creative infusions and seasonal fruits, while limiting drinks to just two or three ingredients. Coral Anderson, Operations Manager for Swift bars, agrees and says, “This year, there has been a shift in the hospitality industry towards using fresher and seasonal flavours. For this summer, we anticipate more people incorporating fruits and locally available fresh ingredients.” In short, spritz-style bevs made using in-season, natural ingredients are on the up. Hugo Spritz? Limoncello Spritz? Cucumber Spritz? Yes, sir.

Classic cocktails with a difference will also see a resurgence. I mean, it’s not hard to believe. You remember how everyone went crazy for Emma D’Arcy’s negroni sbagliato… with Prosecco in it? Well, it’s safe to assume that this summer’s next installation of bartenders will, too, hop on this trend and try experimenting with traditional cocktails, zhushing up classics and adding their own spin — in the hope a relevant, timely celeb will spotlight their creation in a Youtube interview. Burke says, “classics done in a really good way will feature much more heavily on cocktail bar menus and [there will be] less of the super challenging multi-ingredient drinks.” He goes on to give Schofield’s in Manchester a shoutout, hailing them as “masters” of the classic cocktail, to which we can’t help but wholeheartedly agree with (more on that here).

Summer Drinks Trends Sorbet
Summer Drinks Trends Martini

Another trend that’s a given for this summer, and something you should absolutely be drinking more of, is: tequila. I know, I know — it’s nothing alarmingly new, nor anything you haven’t heard before, but it deserves a spot on this carefully curated list of trends. Why? Because when I say tequila, I’m not talking about the subpar, probably quite funky-tasting, shots you would knock back on a Friday night when things had gotten a bit out of hand, I’m talking about the type of tequila that blends so smoothly, it’s as if you’re drinking water (top-tier 40% ABV water). The type that doesn’t leave you with a nonsensical, unpleasant burning sensation the second it hits your lips, but the type that marries well with a marg, and washes down unbelievably easy with just the right amount of kick. Yep, this stuff is going to continue to lead the spirits category for summer, and we’re not mad.

Which leads us nicely on to what’s being hailed as a “menu must-have,” according to a report by syrup producer, Monin (2022-2023 Summer Drinks Trends Report), the Paloma Cocktail. That’s right, Mexican-inspired drinks are expected to see a huge growth for 2023, with tequila-based cocktail recipes that combine “swalty” (sweet and salty) flavours reigning king.

Elsewhere, sorbet. A bit of a rogue one, we can’t lie. Blurring the lines between a food and a drink trend, we’ve got good reason to believe that restaurants and bars will start incorporating scoops of sorbet into their drinks, tying in delightfully well with what we mentioned earlier; classic cocktails with a difference. Anderson for Swift tells us: “With summer 2023 set to be one of the hottest, we’re noticing a surge in drinks featuring sorbets.” This trend goes hand-in-hand with a want for more boozy slushies. Something we’ve already seen last year. Frozen margs, daiquiris and more.

What to take from this exciting read full of drinks-related spiel (the best kind of spiel, if you ask me)? This summer, you should be drinking everything from spritzes, to tequila-based cocktails, bevs that include scoops of tangy sorbet, and drinks that place seasonal, fresh ingredients centre stage. Summer serves are suddenly looking a lot more tasty.

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