Five Super Cute Reusable Coffee Cups

Want to do your bit for the planet while you grab your morning coffee? Want to do that while looking stylish as hell? These reusable coffee cups are for you.
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Reusable coffee cups are good for the plant, and your Instagram.

Everyone’s got a morning coffee routine. Everyone that drinks coffee, that is. And, considering you’re reading an article about cute and kitsch reusable coffee cups, I’d say it’s safe to assume that you drink coffee. Maybe ordering your favourite type of coffee drink from your local coffee shop is the way that you start your day. Maybe you’re more focussed on working out the kinks of your V60 at home so you can make the perfect cup of coffee before you shoot out the door to work.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, it’s likely that you could do with a reusable coffee cup. Disposable cups aren’t great for the planet and phasing them out of your life is an easy step you can take to make your life more sustainable. It’s also an easy step to make you look very cool and stylish. From KeepCups to HuskeeCups, these are the best looking reusable coffee cups on the market.

Pick your fave, fill it with coffee sourced from some independent coffee roasters and you’ll be good to go. Until about four hours later when you’re jonesing for another cup. Such is life. Here are five cute as hell reusable coffee cups you should get your hands on.

Five Cute Reusable Coffee Cups


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These slick cups look like the sort of thing architects drink out of when they’re at the office with the fact that they’re made using waste husk from coffee farms merely being a bonus to the visual aesthetic. Yes, HuskeeCups are cool as hell and they’re good for the planet, too. These will keep your joe warm for an extended period of time and can deal with a fair amount of wear and tear. Even then, Huskee does a cup exchange system so you can swap out your reusable coffee cup (provided it’s on its last legs) for a brand new one at any participating cafe. That’s very cool.

Price: £14


Keep Cup 01

KeepCups are so ubiquitous that the word KeepCup has become a synecdoche to mean any reusable coffee cups. That’s good branding, and it’s easy to see why KeepCups are so popular. Made from tempered glass, these cups are super durable and mean you can enjoy your coffee on the go while looking like a bonafide influencer. If that hasn’t convinced you yet, maybe this sentence that I’m 99% sure I’ve never written before will: “the lids on these are bang tidy.”

Price: £20

Frank Green

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The folks at Frank Green make some cracking reusable coffee cups. Blessed with a double-walled thermo outer layer that keeps your bev hot for a crazy amount of time as well as a non-slip grip on the outside, these are perfect for bunging in your dishwasher after a day of caffeination. I normally don’t recommend throwing around anything you own with abandon but these kitsch reusable coffee cups are capable of withstanding some abuse. Everyone at your local java joint will be green with envy when you walk in one of these in your clutches.

Price: £20


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No one likes to travel heavy and lugging a big arse thermos everywhere you go can be pretty cumbersome. That’s why Stojo specialises in collapsible silicone travel mugs that you can condense down into a neat little disc. Made from recycled materials, these reusable coffee cups are eco-friendly, BPA-free and leakproof. Yes, leakproof. You don’t have to worry about covering your Macbook in macchiato with this bad boy.

Price: £16.50


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“All right, bro? Have you checked out these hench reusable coffee cups from Bru yet, bro?” That’s the sort of conversation I can imagine happening in a PureGym somewhere in the country. These barista-approved cups are coated in a matte powder to give them a slick and durable finish which makes them ideal for necking before your early morning gym session. They’re also stainless steel and doubly insulated so your coffee can stay piping hot for up to three hours without any danger of burning your hand. They’re also awfully easy on the eye. It’s hard to find a downside with Bru’s reusable coffee cups.

Price: £17.99

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