Mob Selects: Cheese Geek

When it comes to fromage deliveries, it’s hard to ignore The Cheese Geek – a cheesemonger that keeps one on your Cheddar and another eye on sustainability.
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You know when you’ve forgotten that you’ve ordered something off the internet and then one day, as if by magic, it just suddenly arrives at your address and fills you with an intense feeling of happiness? Like getting a little gift from your past self? Yeah, well, imagine that… but with cheese. Yes, Mob, I’m pretty sure that having a package full of cheese delivered to your door is one of the greatest benefits of modern life, bar none. And one of the best ways that I’ve found to get your hands on some of that great cheese is through The Cheese Geek.

Self-described as a “modern cheesemonger”, The Cheese Geek and its various subscription boxes are revolutionising the way that you buy your cheese. Think of their online subscriptions as the 2021 equivalent of having a great rapport with your local cheesemonger. Except it’s better because they won’t talk your ear off for half an hour about Brexit every time you pop in for a sliver of Wensleydale. Sign up to The Cheese Geek and you can get new cheeses delivered to your address every month along with tasting notes and a handy scorecard to help you keep track of what you like and don’t like.

I’m someone that’s slowly becoming more familiar with the world of fromage and I’ve found The Cheese Geek to be one of the best means of exploring what that scene is all about. Primarily because it’s a really tasty and affordable way to do so. As the world's first carbon-negative cheesemonger, The Cheese Geek also specialise in divvying out carefully curated boxes of quality, sustainable British cheese. On top of all the cheese they pick being top-notch stuff (from really good gouda to tremendous cheddar), The Cheese Geek ensures that all their packaging is sustainably sourced, easily recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable.

When it comes to the producers they work with, TCG always ensures that they work with those who are committed to giving back to the land they use through regenerative farming. So tell that to your vegan mates the next time they try to have a go at you when you’re going to town on some Lincolnshire Poacher with a packet of Jacob’s crackers. They’re probably just jealous of your lovely magical box of cheese that comes from very happy cows.

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