How To Make A Super Easy Loaf Of Sourdough Bread

A sandwich loaf of tangy sourdough without the usual hassle.
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This sourdough loaf is guaranteed to yield amazing results with minimal fuss. It's perfect for beginners so give it a go.

When you start baking with sourdough there is a lot to learn. You can quickly become overwhelmed by various — often conflicting — recipes telling you how and when you should knead your dough, for how long you should let it prove, and much else besides.

I would always recommend that people start with this tin loaf recipe because it bypasses many of those steps.

It’s great because because the tin itself gives the sourdough its shape, which means you don’t need to rely the traditional “stretch-and-fold” method or on shaping to strengthen the structure of the bread, as you do with freestanding loaves — those beautiful circular ones which populate everyone’s Instagram feeds these days.

This is probably the recipe I bake most regularly — you can knock it up with minimal effort day after day. It probably requires a total of 15 minutes of effort. For the rest of the time, it is working away on its own.

Tom's Top Tip

This recipe is so easy to follow I often double the quantities provided here and bake two loaves so I can give one to a friend.

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