London’s Best Pizzas For Takeaway And Delivery

From ASAP Pizza to Zia Lucia, these are the best pizzerias in London that you should have on speed dial. Your next pizza delivery is in safe hands, MOB.
London pizza4
The Short Road Pizza Co. know how to make a perfect pizza. Photograph: Caitlin Isola (@scaitboard)

Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s cheesy, it’s crispy, it’s salty, and it’s just downright delicious, MOB. Yes, pizza is one of the most universally beloved foods on the planet and one of the few that’s often just as good in reality as it is in concept. Getting a pizza delivery on a night when you can’t be bothered to cook is one of life’s simplest and purest pleasures.

If there’s one thing that the pandemic has taught me, on a deep spiritual level, it’s that pizza is one of the best foods you can get delivered to your door without it experiencing a substantial degradation. Not only does a lovingly charred pizza – topped with an anxiety-easing weighted blanket of melted mozz – travel really well, but it also comes delivered to you in its own cardboard crockery which doesn’t require any washing up afterwards. Ordering a pizza is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Especially when you eschew the big franchises and order it from your neighbourhood pizza joint.

Nevertheless, not all pizzas are made equal. While London is a city filled with lots of great pizzerias firing up unreal circles of dough that you can get delivered to your home or pick-up from the spot and scarf around the corner, there’s a lot of bad pizza in the city, too. And, just like bad sex, bad pizza can leave you feeling greasy and bloated with a great deal of regret.

To help you cut through the noise of sad slices, and to make sure that the next pizza you eat looks as immaculate as the pies you’d see in a ‘90s cartoon, I’ve written this guide on where to get the best pizzas for delivery and takeaway in London. These are the pizzerias you should be calling when you’re in the mood for some hot and heavy pepperoni action. Or – y’know – whatever other wonderful pizza topping takes your fancy. Get a slice of the action, MOB.

Santa Maria

Santa Maria

With outlets in Ealing, Fitzrovia, and Chelsea, Santa Maria has a very strong claim to being your best option for a pizza delivery or takeaway in west London. When they opened the doors of the first Santa Maria back in 2010, owners Pasquale Chionchio and Angelo Ambrosio wanted to ensure that their pizza joint inhabited the model of a traditional Neapolitan pizzeria in every possible facet. Right down to the Caputo Red and Caputo Blue flour in their dough. A decade later, and Santa Maria is still doing just that. The leopard-spotted crusts that come out of Santa Maria’s pizzas ovens are loaded with high-quality toppings (like free-range rare breed North Yorkshire pork sausage and Pugliese burrata) and remain in their own Serie A league of quality compared to the city’s many Serie B-standard pretenders.

Four Corners

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Open at Rondo La Cave until mid-March, Four Corners is a Detroit-style pizza pop-up that's just started doing pizza delivery. The thick pies from this joint come topped in a host of jaw-droppingly hot toppings. Think burrata, pistachio, and mortadella or soppressata and spicy honey. These cuboid pizzas are so big in diameter and flavour that you'll definitely need at least one other person to take one down. The next time you've got your friends round for a takeaway, make sure to get Four Corners on speeddial. By which I, of course, mean search for them on Deliveroo and hope you're in their catchment area.

Zia Lucia

Zia Lucia

Zia Lucia is a friendly neighbourhood pizza brand (well, they're as neighbourhood as a brand with four restaurants can be) that specialises in a unique selection of 48-hour slow-fermented doughs ranging from a traditional flour and hearty wholemeal option to an unusual pitch-black charcoal base. After a quick spin in Zia’s hand-crafted ovens, all of those doughs take on a crisp, chewy, and ever-so-slightly sweet quality; the perfect base for bold toppings like spicy spianata salami and gloriously rich speck. Simply put: Claudio Vescovo and Gianluca D'Angelo’s Zia Lucia is one of the best pizza deliveries in London, Mob. Don’t sleep on it.

Big Jo Bakery


As the latest offering from the restaurant group behind Westerns Laundry, Primeur, and Jolene, Big Jo Bakery had a pretty big reputation to live up to when it opened in late 2020. Thankfully, Big Jo has managed to surpass all expectations. The Hornsey Road bakery is a must-visit for anyone serious about their baked goods and you’d be a fool not to go and pick up one of Big Jo’s hefty pizza slices along with a couple of flaky pain aus for the road. The impeccable sourcing of the produce, and the pristine timing on the charred crusts that comes out of the oven, ensures that every bite will hammer your pleasure synapses in deliciously violent fashion. The heritage grain in the dough gives each slice a nutty and complex bass note of flavour as the considered approach to toppings – whether it’s a fresh and minimalist tomato, mozzarella, and basil number or a seasonal leek, bacon, and crème fraîche assemblage – rounds things off nicely.

Gordos Pizzeria


This pizza joint on Kingsland Road is all about Neapolitan pizza, natural wine, and bare decent vibes. Owner Jesse Elias is a Yard Sale alum with a passion for pizza that puts Julia Roberts's impressive shift in Eat Pray Love to shame. Pizzas like the classical ‘4 Stagion’ (mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, black olives, and artichokes) and the slightly more out-there ‘Giardino D'inverno’ (roasted butternut squash, ricotta, mozzarella, and chilli honey) underline this Dalston pizzeria’s commitment to combining bold and brash flavours with a respect for tradition. Gordos is one of the best pizza deliveries operating out of east London right now. Which, considering the competition, is really saying something. You can trust in the crusts at Gordos, MOB.

Yard Sale Pizza

Copy of Yard Sale Pizza Delivery Justin De Souza 42
Yard Sale Pizza. Photograph: Justin De Souza.

Yard Sale Pizza has grown from a small, one-oven operation into one of London’s very best pizza brands in just a couple of years. Talk about a glow-up, right? With six outlets spread across the city, YSP are capable of fulfilling the pizza dreams of anyone that falls within their delivery radius. All of the pizzas come with slow-cooked tomato sauce and Fior di Latte mozzarella with additional toppings like Cobble Lane ‘roni cups, fresh Sicilian sausage, and crispy tendrils of tenderstem broccoli rounding off a varied selection. Picture the perfect takeaway pizza in your head and it’ll inevitably look something like the pristine pies that Yard Sale slings out.

Bad Boy Pizza Society


We ride together, we dine together: Bad Boy Pizza Society for life. This Teddington-based pizza joint started off as an all-inclusive pizza society at Southampton University and has quickly become one of the hottest pop-up pizzerias to come out of the last year or so of absolute mayhem. Having paid their dough-y dues with a tour of Naples back when travel was actually legal, the BBPS have honed their slice game since their days of back yard pizza parties and perfected their leopard-looking crusts to a fine art. The pizzas are available for local delivery collection in Teddington (yes, that's in London) on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays – so get involved if you're in the area. Or just make the trek if you're not. Don't be so fucking lazy.

‘O ver

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If you’re in the market for a bellissima London pizza delivery then ‘O ver is a very good option. Specialising in authentic Neapolitan wood-fired pizzas – with a dough that actually, honest-to-God contains salt sourced from the Mediterranean sea – ‘O ver prides itself on being as Italian as possible. All the ingredients come from small independent Italian producers and esteemed local suppliers with the result, for pizza eaters like you, being a menu stacked with some truly excellent pizzas. All of ‘O ver’s creations are light and well-balanced; pizzas that won’t leave you wanting a cat nap afterwards. Taste a bit of Italian passion and get ‘O ver all over yourself this weekend, MOB.

ELD Pizza


You know those frustratingly talented people at school who were good at maths and English? Elliot Cunningham was probably one of those people. Not content at supplying Londoners with some of the city’s best barbecue through Hackney Church Brew Co.’s legendary Lagom, Cunningham has launched ELD Pizza – a wood-fried pizza restaurant on Hackney Road. The pizza at ELD Pizza is phenomenal and, despite its relative youth, the IG hotspot has already established itself as one of the best pizza takeaways out east. Who else but Cunningham and co. would have the cojones to make a pizza with a curried cream base, smoked mackerel, red onion, chilli, parmesan and a soft egg? No one else. I’ll tell you that for free.

Base Face Pizza

Base Face

In a previous pre-pandemic life, Tim Thornton was one of the UK's most in-demand jazz bassists. When COVID-19 came to the live music scene like a ship to wreck; however, he did what any self-respecting musician would do in that situation and started his own pop-up pizzeria. Only those of you that currently reside in W3, W4 , W6, and Kew postcodes (or are up for a walk to deepest, darkest west London) will be able to get your hands on Tim’s stonebaked Neo-Neapolitan pizzas but that local feel is what makes Base Face Pizza one of the best pizza deliveries in the city. How does a pizza with roast pineapple, red onion and tomato jam, crispy smoked pancetta, chilli flakes, fior di latte, and basil sound to you? Bonkers in all the right ways? Exactly. Check ‘em out, MOB.

Sweet Thursday

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Sweet Thursday is the place to order from if you’re after excellent Neapolitan-style pizza and a bottle of wine from an interesting producer. Available for delivery or collection from their De Beauvoir premises, the pizzas range at Sweet Thursday from a humble marinara to a carbonara pizza that comes decked out with a pecorino paste base, guanciale, confit egg yolk, cured egg yolk, and a mountain of black pepper. Yes, it’s just as good as it sounds.


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Are you in the “go big or go home” mindset when it comes to pizza? If so, you’re going to love Homeslice, my friend. With its City, White City, Shoreditch, Neal’s Yard, and Marylebone outlets all open for delivery and collection, Homeslice is the best takeout option if you want to get your hands on a masive 20” wood-fired pizza that delivers equal amounts of quantity and quality. Don’t worry if you don’t think you’re up for the challenge, either. Homeslice also do 12” versions, too, and they’re equally tasty.

Crust Bros

Crust Bros Justin De Souza 183
The crusts at Crust Bros are unsurprisingly excellent. Photograph: Justin De Souza.

Finding a pizza that perfectly treads the line between charred and burnt isn't easy. Too many pizzerias out there will serve you a pie that's bitter and blackened on the bottom in order to achieve a leopard spotting on their crust and, honestly, that's not a sacrifice that's worth making. Thankfully, the pizzaiolos at Crust Bros are dab hands with the pizza peel and every crust that comes out of their behemoth of an oven in Waterloo is always just the right level of crisp and chewy. This spot is low-key one of the best pizzerias in London and an excellent option for a takeaway if you want a pizza that'll leave you with a perfect ring of dough to dunk in gallons of garlic mayo.

Pizza Pilgrims

Pizza Pilgrims

The balance that Pizza Pilgrims achieves between its salty dough, sweet tomato sauce, and creamy fior di latte mozzarella is nothing short of miraculous, MOB. Genuinely. Just think of how many takeaway pizzas you’ve had in your lifetime. That’s probably quite a large number, right? Now try to recount how many of those actually let you taste each individual component of the pizza? From the crisp crust to the careful cheese-to-sauce ratio, Pizza Pilgrims always gets the basics bang-on, no matter which of its pizzas you go for. That’s what makes it one of the best pizza deliveries in London. And potentially the entire country.

Sud Italia


It’s amazing what you can do with a bit of flour, water, yeast, and salt, isn’t it? The pizzas that Sud Italia’s pizzaiolas fire out of their baby blue pizza van all use a blend of different Italian flours to make their light and deceptively airy pizzas but it’s the simple combination of ingredients they throw on top of them that makes them so dangerously delicious. These are the sort of pizzas you could easily eat two of in one sitting without feeling heavy and bloated. Another difference-maker is that Sud Italia imports its quality ingredients directly from Italy. Hell, even the anchovies have been shipped in from the Amalfi coast.

Happy Face Pizza

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Happy Face Pizza is who you should be calling up for a pizza delivery that’ll leave you with a smile on your face. All of the pizzas at this King’s Cross restaurant are wood-fired and made with a 72-hour fermented dough that gives the crust a playfully sweet and sour quality. Toppings err towards the traditional side of things (think prosciutto crudo, rocket, and parmesan) and the option to add a takeaway Negroni to your order is one you should definitely take advantage of on a Saturday night.

Sodo Pizza

Sodo Pizza

Seasonal produce and natural wine? Those are, like, my favourite things. And with outlets in Clapton, Bethnal Green, Hoxton, and Walthamstow, Sodo Pizza could be set to become one of your favourite pizza deliveries in London. And that’s not just because they’ve got a pizza called the ‘Jon Bon Chovy’. OK, it’s partly because they’ve got a pizza called the ‘Jon Bon Chovy’ but tomato, mozzarella, anchovies, capers, olives, chillies and fresh parsley on a pizza? C’mon! That’s a pizza that was born to be my baby.

Theo’s Pizzeria


Theo’s Pizzeria is one of the best pizza deliveries you can get in south London. The wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas from both of Theo’s Camberwell and Elephant & Castle hubs are simple, pared-back and exactly what you’ve been looking for in a takeout pizza. You won’t get a soupy mess or a pizza where the cheese tastes more like the cardboard box that it comes in with Theo’s. What you will get, however, is one of the best pizzas in the city. Especially if you go for the one that’s got scotch bonnet ‘nduja and sopressata on it. It’s killer.

Made of Dough

Madeof Dough

Both of Made of Dough’s Peckham and Shoreditch outlets remain open for takeaway and delivery. What separates Made of Dough from the madding crowd of pizza restaurants in the city? Well, they know how to have fun, for one. Whether it’s a spicy lamb sausage pizza (with ‘Flock & Herd’ lamb sausage, house tomato sauce, friarielli, red onion and fior di latte mozzarella) or a cheeseburger pizza (a ‘Flock & Herd’ beef patty, bread and butter pickles, and kimchi mayo on a margherita), Made of Dough put a lot of care and attention into all of its wood-fired wonders. Don’t forget to get some of the banging basil aioli on the side for your pizza bones.

50 Kalò

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50 Kalò is an Italian import from Naples that’s held a fairly comfortable spot as one of London’s best pizza spots since 2018. Owner Ciro Salvo is a third-generation pizza maker and it’s his fervent passion and meticulous attention to detail that makes 50 Kalò one of the best takeaway pizza options on the delivery apps. With EVOO sourced from Campania and a sauce that’s made of a mix of organic peeled San Marzano, Corbarino and Piennolo tomatoes from the acclaimed Casa Marrazzo, it really is the little things that make this central London pizza delivery so largely successful. They say that the devil is in the details and, well, that’s what makes 50 Kalò’s pizzas so devilishly good.


Elliots Pepperonipizza CROP

All of Elliot’s pizzas are freshly cooked in a wood-fired oven and made from flour sourced from UK-based mills like Shipton and Gilchester. Even the produce that goes on top of those ‘zas (think vibrant delica pumpkin and verdant cime de rapa) are either sourced from local traders in Borough Market or bought from some of the finest vegetable growers, fishermen and farmers in the UK and Europe. That tender ethos shines through on every slice you can get from both of Ellliot’s Borough Market and Hackney sites. Just pray to God you fall in their delivery radius and order yourself one of these pizzas this weekend. You can thank me later.

Berberè Pizzeria


Matteo and Salvatore Aloe are the men you’ve got to thank for bringing Berberè Pizzeria to London and what better way could there to be to thank them than by ordering one of their glorious sourdough pizzas? By using a living, breathing sourdough culture in their dough, Berberè Pizzeria ensures that each pie is soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. It’s more of an artisanal take on pizza than a “God I’m hungover” grease fest. Which I’m all about. Berberè’s aubergine pizza – which is loaded with baked aubergines, basil and walnut pesto, fior di latte mozzarella, and aged smoked ricotta – is an all-timer, MOB. Get involved.

L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele

Michele Elke Simone Kooijman van Guldener
L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele. Photograph: Elke-Simone Kooijman van Guldener

If it’s a super traditional margherita pizza that you’re after, you could do a lot worse than L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele. As in, L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele make one of the best margheritas in London and if you want one of those picture-perfect pizzas delivered to your door in a jiffy then you should probably make them your first port of call. Da Michele is a pizzeria with real history (the O.G. joint opened up in Naples in 1906) and all it takes is a bite of one of their classical sculpted-by-Michaelangelo crust to realise why the brand has been going for so long. It’s really good pizza, MOB.

Napoli Gang

Truffle squad Napoli Gang lateef photography
The 'Truffle Squad' pizza from Napoli Gang. Photograph:

Napoli Gang is the delivery-only restaurant from the Big Mamma Group and they do an absolutely gangbusters job at serving top, top Italian cooking. Including, of course, some rather bella pizzas. What makes Napoli Gang’s pizzas so good is the combination of the quality of the produce used with the inventiveness of the toppings. Just take the ‘Truffle Squad’ pizza, for example. It’s a pizza topped with mozzarella fior di latte, ricotta, black truffle cream, fresh seasonal truffles, and button mushrooms that are sautéed in a mixture of thyme and fresh chives. Does that sound like a lot? Yes. Do I also want to eat that right here, right now? Yes. The fact of the matter is Napoli Gang is one of the best pizza deliveries in London. And they do tiramisu. Enough said.

Party Store Pizza


You won’t find any flimsy triangle slices of pizza at this joint, MOB. No, sir. Party Store Pizza are the people you should be hitting with that “U up?” text when you want to mix things up and get your chops around a thicc Detroit-style deep pan pizza. PSP is based out in Brixton and, assuming you’re relatively nearby, you can get them to deliver their chunky square slices to you via Uber Eats, Deliveroo or Just Eat. The ‘Lord Of Pep’ pizza is straight fire: a solid rectangle of cheesy goodness that comes festooned in little ‘roni cups that’ll practically be begging you to throw a pic of them on the ‘gram.

Short Road Pizza Co.

Short Road Pizza credit Caitlin Isola 9398
Who could resist a pizza that looks this good? Photograph: Caitlin Isola (@scaitboard)

When it comes to alliterative food concepts, I’d say that a pizza pop-up is right up there with the very best of them. Short Road Pizza Co. is a cute little peripatetic pizzeria that you can find rearing its head in Leytonstone on a fairly regular basis. Follow them on Instagram and make sure you pencil whatever date they’re next going to be slinging out pizzas in your calendar, MOB. These are some of the best takeaway pies in the city but they’re collection-only with a super-limited availability. You’re going to have to be quick off the mark to avoid missing out.



Wonder where you can find one of the best takeaway pizzas in London? Wonder no more and simply wander over to somewhere within walking distance of Wandercrust instead. Having shifted their model from serving high quality wood-fired Neapolitan pizza out of their street food van at various food markets, Wandercrust is now available for takeaway and delivery on Deliveroo instead. As long as you live within a couple of miles of their two partner pubs in South London, that is. The ‘American Psycho’ (San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella, Ventricina salami, Roquito peppers, and Moon chilli honey) is an essential order but the seasonal varieties slap, too.

Pizza Union

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Pizza doesn't always have to be about using a holier-than-thou fermented dough and shouting about all your impeccably sourced produce. Sometimes pizza is just about finding a way to fill yourself with something delicious, and doing it it quickly. When it comes to a cheap and quick pizza, and one of the best pizza takeaways in London, it's hard to look past Pizza Union. The fire-baked Roman-style pizzas that you can get from any of their various locations are always thin, crisp as a cracker and delivered on the dot. Oh, and did I mention the margherita is just £3.95? Because it is.

Various locations

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