Introducing Peckish

Our brand-new app that’s set to shake up your social media rotation. Peckish is a playground for recipe lovers and home cooks.
Introducing Peckish

What is Peckish?

Peckish is an online hangout for food lovers and cooking enthusiasts. Think of it as your one-stop shop for all things recipe-related. It’s a recipe-based social media app where anyone (and we mean anyone) can upvote their favourite dishes; share the method, ingredients, and images of the brilliant recipes they’ve made themselves; and engage together as a community of like-minded individuals who believe in the unifying power of food and cooking. Basically, it’s been tailor-made for people like you. We hope.

The aim of Peckish is to create a community of food lovers and provides meaningful connections for people beyond the platform. Because it’s those people who do – and will continue to – make Peckish work. It’s a place where hungry and passionate people can connect, inspire, and cheer each other on in their cooking and culinary endeavours, on the app and in the kitchen. So, whether you want to become the next big thing in food media or simply want to share your signature carbonara recipe with your mates, Peckish has got you covered. It’s a place for giving all your recipes a permanent home and the perfect app for discovering new, exciting dishes that are set to become a weeknight staple in your household. And just remember the immortal lesson that we all learned from Ratatouille: “Anyone can cook.”

Sharing your recipes with the world can give you a chance of getting awarded the Dish Of The Day or even bagging yourself some excellent prizes in regular giveaways and competitions. But Peckish is about so much more than that. Write a great recipe – a truly, genuinely delicious plate of food – and you aren’t just getting the serotonin rush of likes and comments but you could be directly influencing what people put on their table at dinner time. And that’s the kind of #influence you’re not going to find anywhere else.

Find thousands of recipes for dishes you’ll actually cook created by actual people who can actually cook.

Sounds good to you? Download the app, and get Peckish.

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