Crispy Chicken Fajita Linguine. The Ultimate Fusion Dish By What Willy Cook

Crispy chicken fajita linguine. Mexican, Italian and American. Unreal.
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Will with his naughty fusion combo. If in doubt, cook the lot.

Will’s instagram, @whatwillycook, is one of the best places to find delicious meals and entertaining videos. It has lots of recipes, most of which he claims he’s learnt from his nan. This time around he’s showing the MOB how to make an absolute winner: Crispy Chicken Fajita Linguine.

Some of the best meals are made when hunger and cravings strike. This one is no different. Will wanted fried chicken, fajitas and pasta, so why not make them all? The Crispy Chicken Fajita Linguine brings out the best of all the elements and the combination is a straight 10/10.

Start out with the crispy chicken by cracking a couple of eggs, whisking them, and letting the chicken thighs sit in it. Then put the linguine on in plenty of salted water. You want the water to taste like the sea.

What makes this dish a belter is the spice mix. Making your own from cayenne pepper, cumin, onion salt, garlic powder, paprika, chilli flakes and pepper is simple, easy and instantly improves any Mexican dish. It’s also easy to make it your own. Play around with the ratios of spices until you get to what you like the most.

Once the spice mix is ready, chop some peppers into strips. Fry them in vegetable oil and add half the spice mix. Mix the other half of the spice mix with cornflour and coat the chicken in it. Fry the chicken thighs in oil and pop them in the oven to keep warm.

Let the final assembly commence. Drain the linguine, add the peppers and mix with the pasta. Add cream cheese and pasta water to make the sauce. Plate up a big portion and add a thinly sliced crispy chicken thigh on top. Finish it off with some lime and coriander.

You’ll be making this one time and time again. Get on it MOB.

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