Chefs Share Their Ultimate Film & Food Pairing

You’ve heard about pairing a dish with a bottle of wine. But how about a film? We got chefs to share their ultimate film and food pairing.
Sugi Saki Ramen
Masaki Sugisaki's incredible ramen.

A lot of the chat around the Mob office tends to revolve around food. That makes sense considering that we're a food media company that spend 90% of our time creating recipes for you lovely people. But if I had to take a guess at what the second-most popular topic of conversation around the office was, it'd have to be films and movies. Whether it's about whatever's coming out in the cinema that weekend or some arthouse flick that our graphic designer has seen recently, you can always expect to hear some heated conversations surrounding the silver screen.

We've already rounded up the best food films ever made (according to us), so – to further cement our passion for films and food – we thought it'd be a good idea to go around and ask some of our favourite chefs what their favourite films of all time are and get them to pair a dish with that flick. Why? Because if you can do it with wine, you can do it with movies. Right?

We didn't ask them to tell us their favourite films about food (though some chose food-adjacent films anyway) because we wanted to get a fun pairing with a movie that simply means a lot to them. The responses we got were nothing short of brilliant. These are some food and film pairings that I simply can't wait to try out at my next movie night.

Simon Shand – Magnolia + Frogs Legs Fried In Garlic Butter

"I think if I wasn’t cheffing I’d probably have gone into film and Magnolia is my all time favourite – Paul Thomas Anderson is a genius. The perfect pairing? Frogs legs fried in garlic butter with a nice piece of baguette and some goddamn regret... if you know you know!"

Simon is the head chef of Leroy.

Gabriel Waterhouse – Into The Wild + Girolles and Chestnut Mushrooms

"I love the film Into the Wild: the heart-breaking true story of Christopher McCandless. Although his need to reconnect with the wild is extreme, I think a great dish to go alongside this film would be one that celebrates wild ingredients – girolles and chestnut mushrooms paired with elderberry dressing."

Gabriel is the chef and founder of The Water House Project.

Chris Shaw – Inglourious Basterds + Apple Strudel

"One of my favourite films is Inglourious Basterds, and particularly love the tension in the scene where Hans Landa is speaking with Shoshanna. I’d make a buttery, crispy apple strudel to pair with this film and of course… attendez la crème!"

Chris is the head chef of Townsend.

Masaki Sugisaki – Tampopo + Ramen

"I love Tampopo as it showcases the ‘geeky’ side of Japanese ramen culture, and the food really takes a starring role alongside the actors. And of course, a ramen made over a long time, with lots of the love is the only dish to pair with it. I like to top my broth with egg noodles, boiled egg, char-siu pork and spinach."

Masaki is the head chef at Dinings SW3.

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