Six Essentials Bits of Coffee Brewing Equipment

Are you ready to take your coffee to the next level? This is the coffee equipment you should be buying to make a mean cup of coffee. Did someone say AeroPress?

I’m a big coffee drinker. I won’t say that you shouldn’t talk to me before I’d had a cup of coffee in the morning because I don’t want to come across all “live, laugh, love” but… you probably shouldn’t talk to me before I’ve had a cup of coffee in the morning.

My favoured coffee routine involves slamming freshly ground, ethically sourced coffee into my AeroPress and staring into dead space. That AeroPress was probably the best £28 I’ve ever spent. It’s right up there with my Reebok Club C 85s as my most used purchase of the last five years. And that’s really saying something.

While you’ll regularly find me spending a good chunk of my paycheque on coffee beans nowadays, I haven’t always been into coffee. In fact, it took me quite a long time to graduate from instant coffee granules and learn what all the different types of coffee drinks are. I’m still far from an expert, and I’m sure that James Hoffman would have an aneurysm looking at my coffee set-up, but I’m always up for offering a helping hand to anyone out there that wants to upgrade their coffee situation as well. Knowing what equipment to get is, after all, pretty stressful.

To try and ease that pressure I’ve rounded up some essential bits of coffee equipment that I think it’s really worth you investing in. Not all of these different bits of brewing equipment are going to suit you down to a tee but I can guarantee that at least one will change the way you caffeinate yourself for good.

Bialetti Moka Express Hob Espresso Maker


If you’re looking for a bit of coffee kit that doubles as an aesthetic objet d’art to have on your kitchen countertop then this Bialetti Espresso Maker is what you’ve been longing and waiting for all your life. Not only will having one of these bad boys in your kitchen scream “I’ve got my life together now, mum” but it’ll afford you the option of excellent coffee at a moment’s notice. Whether you want the painfully single person’s 1 Cup version or the whopping 9 Cup version (perfect for those sharing a warehouse with people who like good coffee), this bit of coffee equipment is perfect for you.

Simply Hario V60 Glass Brewing Kit

Hario V60

Making the perfect cup of coffee isn’t easy. You’ve got to worry about things like water temperature, the fineness of your coffee grind, and even have to take into account other factors like brew time. All things considered, one of the best bits of coffee equipment to help you get closer to that perfect cup is the Hario V60 Glass Brewing Kit. This sleek purchase will give the ability to make a pour-over coffee capable of putting your local cafe to shame. This kit comes, er, kitted out with a V60 glass dripper, V60 coffee server, V60 paper filters, and a nifty measuring spoon. What does V60 actually mean? I don’t know. But this makes damn good coffee.

AromaBoy Filter Coffee Machine

Kaffeemaschine Melitta Aromaboy beige braun 6707231 1

Coffee machines don’t have to be expensive, y’know. This kitsch-looking Aromaboy coffee machine from Melitta only costs £35 and it’s actually really, really good at making coffee. It’s a dinky filter coffee machine – meaning it can only make up to a maximum of two cups at a time – but the consistency of the Aromaboy means you’ll always have an optimal brewing temperature to allow for full aroma development in your cup of joe. And, I mean, just look at it. It’s adorable.


Aero Press Original set red

I’m a huge AeroPress fanboy and you can regularly find me getting a sick satisfaction out of plunging this PVC pipe-looking bit of coffee equipment every morning. This is perfect for the person who’s only looking to make a single cup of coffee at a time with its speed and ease of use also making it good for when you’re in a rush. If you’re looking to travel from place to place and don’t want to be without easy access to properly good coffee, the AeroPress is calling out your name. Isn’t that right… *INSERT NAME HERE*


Chemex classic 6cup detail 1 1080x

A Chemex basically works as a larger, sexier looking V60. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that now, is there? This piece of coffee brewing equipment (or should that be coffee brewing artistry) is definitely on the more expensive side of the equation but it’s a worthy investment if you’re serious about your coffee. The Chemex is made from high-quality glass and its paper filter system means you’ll always get a clean, pure-tasting coffee each and every time. The 6 cup model can make up to 900ml of brewed coffee. Have one of these on your desk at work and everyone will know that you don’t mess around.

Bodum 8 Cup Cafetière


A cafetière (or a French press as it's also known) is an essential bit of coffee equipment for just about everyone. This is the first step that many people make after graduating from instant coffee and there’s a reason you’ll find cafetières in most well-stocked kitchens around the world. This 8 cup Caffettiera from Bodum is a doddle to use and won’t leave you with any grit at the bottom of your mug. Which, as we all know, is the bane of any serious coffee drinker’s life.

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