Can You Make Sesame Prawn Toast At Home?

Recreate the classic Chinese takeaway dish at home using just your toastie maker. You won’t believe how good they are.
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This beautifully golden, crispy Chinese takeaway staple is fully achievable at home. Give it a go MOB.

Sesame prawn toast. A staple of Chinese restaurant takeaways, adored by people up and down the country. That crunch of the deep-fried, toasty sesame seeds giving way to the moist prawns beneath, spiked with ginger, garlic and sesame oil. And then the crisp bread holding it all together. Delicious.

What’s not as endearing, though, is making them at home. Deep-frying anything in your own kitchen is a pain. You’ve got to navigate a pan-full of sizzling hot oil that stinks out your house - and you - for days. And then you have got to work out what to do with the used oil afterwards (please don’t pour it down the sink, it solidifies and can cause blockages. Check with your local authority of where to dispose of it).

A deep-fat fryer doesn’t make life any easier. They are a pain to clean, still cause a stink and you’re still left with pints of dirty oil afterwards. But this recipe changes all that. It follows a classic prawn toast recipe, prepared in the same way...until you get to the cooking stage.

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You'll never look at your toastie maker the same again. This is the ultimate fakeaway hack.

Screw the lid back onto your bottle of oil and stick your saucepan back in the cupboard. We’re making this in the toastie maker. That’s right - perfect, crunchy prawn toast made between the hot plates of your trusty Breville.

This is the ultimate fakeaway hack, born out of desperation during lockdown and a reluctance to go through the rigmarole of deep frying. The layer of sesame seeds on top creates a seal and acts like the second slice of bread. The cooking time is enough to cook the prawns, and the toast underneath is still crispy. All it requires is some butter on the bread and a brush of oil onto the hot plates.

This method is infinitely healthier too. There is no greasy bread and the amount of oil used is minimal. So give these a go and enjoy the classic snack cooked in your own home, with minimal fuss.

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