Where To Drink Natural Wine in London | 30 Great Wine Bars To Try

These are the best natural wine bars and restaurants in the city. From Hector’s to Bright, your next pét nat party is sorted.
BAR CRISPIN Karolina Bajda 03
Natural wine is having a bit of a moment at Bar Crispin. Photograph: Karolina Bajda.

I like natural wine. I know that it’s something of a contentious issue – and that the question of “what is natural wine?” is one that can’t be answered with anything less than a paragraph but, for the most part, I find that it’s a movement which looks to champion the small winemakers and producers making wine with a lot of love.

I’m not one of those folk that solely drink natural wine but I’m all about introducing as many people to it as possible. That’s why I’ve already rounded up the best natural wines you can get for £10 and under, written a feature on some of the English natural wine producers you should know about, and created this handy guide on the best natural wine subscriptions around. That being said, if you want to go out-out and enjoy some natty juice, you’re hardly going to be stuck for options. Especially if you live in London. There’s a lot of brilliant wine bars in the city that specialise in organic wine and I’d like to take this opportunity to shout about some of them and underline the best natural wine bars in London.

Natural wine is more than just a trend, my friend. These London wine bars believe in championing independent producers making wine according to sustainable and biodynamic principles. These are 30 of the best natural wine bars in London.


Charliemckay Hectors
Hector's is box fresh and brilliant. Photograph: Charlie McKay.

This bottle shop and wine bar in De Beauvoir is the drinking hole equivalent of stumbling upon a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. The joint is run by Jimmy Stephenson, who was previously GM at Hill & Szrok, and his partner, Anna Shaffer. The wine programme at Hector's means serious business so expect to see new school natties, classic appellations, and a couple of hidden gems on the list alongside plucky European small plates. You can even open any of the bottles they have for sale at the bottle shop and drink them at the bar for a corkage fee of £15.

49a Ardleigh Road, N1 4HS

Top Cuvée

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Juicy wines and even juicier vibes are what you can expect from this north London wine bar and restaurant. Top Cuvée has been responsible for keeping the city’s flâneurs hydrated with hot bottles of cold natty wine via its well-stocked online shop over lockdown but you should really get down to Blackstock Road in person to see what TC is all about. The drinks list here places a focus on wines made without the use of pesticides and with as little intervention as possible. You can find everything from a crunchy Gamay to a brooding Malbec. Picture it now: you, a bottle of something suave, and a couple of small plates. Top Cuvée has your next date night sorted.

177B Blackstock Road, N5 2LL


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P.Franco is proof that good things come in small packages. This Clapton Road spot isn’t large. In fact, it’s pretty much the opposite of large. Which is small. But what is large about this bijou natural wine bar is its enthusiasm for high-quality wine producers who actually give a shit. The staff here are super knowledgeable and will be able to direct you to a bottle you’ll adore regardless of whether you know what Brettanomyces are or not. Unpretentious yet still achingly cool, P.Franco is probably the best natural wine bar in London. If you take me out for a drink here, I’ll be your mate forever.

107 Lower Clapton Road, Lower Clapton, E5 0NP

40 Maltby Street

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40 Maltby Street is a brilliant wine bar and restaurant located in the warehouse of Gergovie Wines – a wine importer that champions a handful of low-intervention winemakers. The Gergovie ethos is all about letting the land and the grape of a wine do the talking and 40 Maltby Street echoes that focus on terroir in its heroically simple set-up and austere chalkboard menu. Dishes like “watercress soup” and “braised beef shin” don’t bother with any unnecessary adjectives and always over deliver when it comes to execution. You can’t book a table here but it’s worth queuing up for no matter how long the wait. 40 Maltby is one of the best restaurants in London and spending a couple of hours here with a nice bottle of wine is one of the finest dining experiences you’ll find in the city.

40 Maltby Street, SE1 3PA


Charliemckay 1268
Christina's has got a lot going for it. Photograph: Charlie McKay.

If you’re in the market for a natural wine bar with a setting that’ll take your breath away, then Christina’s is a name you should be crawling down on the Notes app on your iPhone. Just don’t let your partner see it written down or you’ll need a really good excuse for having a woman’s name on your mobile next to heaps of love heart emojis. Located in the swanky Mondrian Shoreditch, Christina’s has a natural wine menu that features an electric range of organic and biodynamic wines curated by Modal Wines and a food menu that features Japanese sandos. Combine a deep-fried mortadella katsu sando with a zippy wine from a small-scale producer and you’ll have yourself the food and wine pairing of the damn century.

45 Curtain Road, EC2A 3PT

Rondo La Cave

A subterranean natural wine bar run by lovely people.

Rondo La Cave is a subterranean wine bar, pop-up space, and incubator kitchen located underneath The Hoxton in Holborn. Rondo La Cave is, therefore, one of the collect places to grab a glass of cloudy orange wine in London. The food changes on a regular basis (think Peruvian eats from Cantina Valentina or Four Corners – a Detroit-style pizza concept in collab with pizza czar Anthony Falco) but it's consistently good. This is the perfect third date spot in the city.

Next Door Records

Next Door Records

West London is severely lacking in places that have an actual vibe. That’s why pretty much everyone in the local area with at least one piece of Carhartt clothing in their wardrobe let out a roar of excitement when Next Door Records rolled into town. This café and wine bar sells groovy soul records and soulful bottles of skin contact. Their regular DJ evenings are a blast and the prices are super reasonable. The scene-iest spot in Shepherd’s Bush? Undoubtedly.

304 Uxbridge Road, W12 7LJ


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Bright is run by the same people behind P.Franco and shares an equally stonking wine list with its east London wine counter counterpart. Where Bright differs from its more diminutive cousin, though, is in the space it offers you to drink that wonderful wine in. Bright, like its name would suggest, is lighter and airier than P.Franco and provides heaps of stools and seats for you to settle down with a glass of something fun. The prices range from affordable weeknight sippers to some serious cuvées that you’re going to want to do some reading on before you take the plunge. Excellent wine in an excellent ambience? You betcha.

1 Westgate Street, E8 3RL

Bar Crispin

BAR CRISPIN Karolina Bajda 01
A brilliant spot for natty wine. Photograph: Karolina Bajda.

‘Low intervention wines + seasonal small plates = Y’ is the kind of formula I’d have actually paid attention to if it was taught in my GCSE Maths class. Bar Crispin (the lovely little ‘Y’ in this instance) is an all-day natural wine bar and restaurant on Kingly Street that have obviously done their homework. The 150-strong European-leaning wine list has been curated by sommelier Alex Price with a spotlight on producers who take care to use organic and biodynamic practices. Don’t be surprised to see some pretty rare grape varietals knocking about, but do make sure to try them out. You can trust the team at Bar Crispin.

19 Kingly Street, Carnaby, W1B 5PY

The Mulwray

Wine Duo1 Georgia Rudd
Wine not? Photograph: Georgia Rudd.

Plonked above The Blue Posts pub in Soho, The Mulwray is a wine bar led by the brilliant award-winning ex-Noma Mexico sommelier Honey Spencer and Sarah Wright. The wine programme focusses on niche varieties from new and exciting regions and lesser-known growers. The list is split into different wine styles, and categorised by mood, so guests can pick from cool-climate whites, silky reds and a few wild card options.

Antidote Wine Bar & Shop

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If you’ve been suffering from an acute sense of disappointment at being served flabby Merlots and buttery Chardonnays when you’re out for a drink then Antidote Wine Bar is the antidote you need. All of the racy wines here are low-intervention, naturally fermented, and reasonably priced considering the quality. Antidote works with growers from all over the world but only lists wines from producers that they genuinely love. That means whether you’re crushing a Grüner from Gut Oggau or a Provençal rosé from Valérie Courrèges, you can always rest easy knowing those vines have been well cared for.

12A Newburgh Street, Carnaby, W1F 7RR

Silver Lining

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Silver Lining is the UK’s first dedicated skin contact wine bar and I’ll give you three guesses for what borough of London you’ll find it in. If one of your three guesses was Hackney then I owe you a drink. And I’d suggest we make that drink a glass of orange wine from this pleasant Parisian-inspired cave à vin. Silver Lining sources all their wine from small independent producers, growers, and winemakers. That means whether you’re opting for a nifty bottle from Czech legend Jaroslav Osička or a £5 glass on one of Silver Lining’s classic Orange Wednesdays, you’re guaranteed to be drinking quality.

13 Morning Lane, E9 6ND

Newcomer Wines

Newcomer Wines Bar 2

Every wine bar needs a good gimmick and the gimmick at this cosy Dalston spot is that they only sell Austrian vino. While that might sound a bit niche, that dedication to a single country of origin means that the wine list at Newcomer Wines is one of the most focussed in the city. Pét nats perfect for the summer and approachable orange wines that won’t have you wincing are just a few of the highlights on offer; Newcomer Wines take care to support winemakers they genuinely love, and that passion shines through in their approachable by-the-glass offering. This is the sort of natural wine bar where a complete newbie can sit next to a wizened pro and reap just as much enjoyment from the grapes.

5 Dalston Lane, E8 3DF

D Vine Cellars


Clapham is very rugby and boat shoes but this natural wine shop and bar goes well against the general grain of the area. D Vine Cellars sells interesting wines from artisan producers, placing an emphasis on the quality of the winemakers that only really comes second in their priority list to the actual wine itself. Pull up a chair and enjoy a post-work glass of wine the way God intended. If God was a being with a penchant for biodynamic viticulture, that is.

1 Voltaire Road, SW4 6DQ

Lady Of The Grapes

Lady Of The Grapes

Sit me down on a sunny afternoon and plonk a plate of pork knuckle croquettes and a glass of Muscadet in front of me and I will be a very happy man. Lady of The Grapes is a Covent Garden wine bar where it’s hard to be unhappy. Organic, biodynamic, and minimal intervention viticulture is the name of the game here so you can expect little to no sulphites knocking around these parts. With 25 wines available by the glass and carafe and around 200 wines available by the bottle, Lady of The Grapes is a wine bar that can do practically no wrong.

16 Maiden Lane, WC2E 7NJ

Naughty Piglets

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Margaux Aubry and Joe Sharratt set up Naughty Piglets in 2015 with the intention of introducing Londoners to what buzzy bistros are like in France. While many bars with natural-leaning wine lists have attempted to ape Naughty Piglet’s French accent – like Peter Sellers playing Inspector Closeau – none have really replicated the vibe. Seasonal sharing plates and classics like crème caramel round off an impressive food menu that pairs excellently with some of the wilder aspects of natural wine.

28 Brixton Water Lane, SW2 1PE



Salon’s set menu is the business but if it’s just a glass of juicy vinho tinto that you’re after then it’s the ground floor bar of this Brixton restaurant that you’ll be after. As with every entry on this guide to the best natural wine bars in London, the list here is centred around low intervention, organic, and biodynamic wine. All of which have been handpicked by Salon’s super knowledgeable squad of wine geeks.

18 Market Row, SW9 8LD

Peckham Cellars

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While Peckham Cellars isn’t an exclusively natural wine bar (they have over 150 wines available, both classical and contemporary) you can find a pretty great selection of natty juice here to quench your thirst. PC prioritize small-scale producers who care about the soil and the environment and that’s just one of the many, many reasons why I care about them, too. Snacks like the mushroom arancini and Dingley Dell charcuterie spread really hit the spot if you’re popping in for a swift one as the larger plates (think fried chicken burgers and lamb neck fillets) are better suited for a proper sit-down meal. Either way, you’ll drink and eat well.

125 Queen's Road, SE15 2ND

Forza Wine

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I can’t think of many spots in London that provide a better view of the city than Forza Wine and I can’t think of any that do it with a better natural wine list. Forza Wine is my go-to answer for where you should take someone out on a date and it’s an equally apt answer for anyone asking you where they can find the best natural wine bar in London. Shit-hot producers like Staffelter Hof and François de Nicolay are present and correct on the wine list and the cauliflower fritti are to die for. It’s hard to find any fault with Forza Wine.

The Rooftop, 133A Rye Lane, SE15 4BQ


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Vindinista predominantly exists as a wine shop to pick up your post-work poison but they have got a bijou little seating area outside that’s reserved for walk-ins with a thirst for quality wine. Although it’s not strictly a natural wine bar, there’s plenty of organic wines sourced from artisan producers that definitely fit the bill. If you get a little overwhelmed by the selection just speak to the owners, Paola and Mike – they’re absolutely lovely and will help you find what you’re looking for in next to no time.

74 Churchfield Road, W3 6DH

Diogenes The Dog

Diogenes 09 2020 Guests Served At The Table 101

Personally selected by owner Sunny Hodge, the wines at Diogenes The Dog change on a consistent basis to support the underdogs of the wine world. The wines aren’t exclusively natural but all tend to come from small producers dedicated to making wine the right way. Ask the highly knowledgeable staff to hook you up with a drop that’s biodynamic and they’ll be able to sort you out tout de suite.

96 Rodney Road, SE17 1BG

Winemakers Club

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This is where to take your wine-mad mates for a night of grape-heavy fun. The Winemakers Club is a natural wine bar that’s passionate about high-quality, organic, and biodynamic wines sourced from small, traditional wineries around the world. That carefully curated list means that all you have to do is pick which one of those wines you think is going to go best with your charcuterie and cheese before settling back and relaxing for the night. In terms of atmosphere: it’s dark, candle-lit, and just the right amount of dingy. This might just become your new favourite wine bar.

41a Farringdon Street, EC4A 4AN



Named after DJ Larry Levan, Levan is a buzzy bar and dining space in Peckham that has a strong focus on natural wine. The wine list might be almost as long as A Little Life but it offers a far more cheery reading experience. Bottles range in price from £27 to £295 and there are even a number of magnums on the menu, too. If it’s a wine worth having, they’ll probably stock it here. Levan also boasts one of the best selections of wine from the Jura wine in the entire city. Which, to anyone that’s into that sort of thing, should be all they need to know to make a booking.

12-16 Blenheim Grove, SE15 4QL

Sager + Wilde

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With two bars in the city (there’s one on Hackney Road and another on Paradise Row), Sager + Wilde is one of your best bets for a night of interesting wine that won’t break the bank. Michael Sager was definitely ahead of the game with making natural wine a “thing” in London and his continual forward-thinking attitude and open-mindedness to the world of wine means that Sager + Wilde continues to excite. Don’t be surprised to see Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc sitting pretty next to Slovakian skin contact. And don’t be surprised for both to be utterly delicious.

193 Hackney Road, E2 8JL

The Remedy Wine

Inspired by European bistros and enotecas, The Remedy is a wine bar run by Renato and Andrea – two friends with a serious passion for food and drink. The kitchen here is always churning out seasonal plates but fresh pasta, homemade sourdough, and heaps of cheese and cured meats are always in attendance. With wine available by the glass and bottle, there’s plenty of options for you to choose from. All of which have been vetted to ensure that The Remedy only works with small producers rather than mass-market wineries.

124 Cleveland Street, W1T 6PG

Aspen & Meursault

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From the same folks behind Diogenes The Dog, Aspen & Meursault is a low-intervention wine bar and café that's out to prove that you can actually have a good time in Battersea. The aim of Aspen is to "demystify the world of natural wine" and they intend to do so by serving top quality biodynamic plonk alongside a menu of wine-friendly cheeseboards and cured meats.


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Furanxo is a totally unique wine bar in Dalston that deals in Spanish natural wine. It’s a deli by day, a wine bar by night, and one of the best places to lose yourself in a sea of tinned fish and effervescent vino. Get stuck into a bottle of Tinc Sec from Spanish producer Ramon Jané Garriga if you know what’s good for you.

85 Dalston Lane, E8 2NG

The Laughing Heart

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The Laughing Heart supports artisan farmers who work their vineyards organically to produce inspiring, authentic wines. The Laughing Heart serves an exciting prix-fixe menu where head chef Adam Boon utilizes the best produce available to him and his brigade. The Laughing Heart sounds like the wine bar of your dreams – there’s even a downstairs area where the staff are slinging out house cocktails, rare cuvéesm and snacks alongside brilliant music from top DJs 'til 1am. This place is, and always has been, a vibe.

277 Hackney Road, E2 8NA

Unwined Tooting


Finding somewhere that serves natural wine by the glass for £5 is not easy in London. That’s what makes Unwined in Tooting such a gem. Although they don’t solely deal in organic wine (“many” of their wines are made with sustainable principles but you’ll need to do ask the team there to make sure that’s the case for all of them), Unwined do a stand-up job at offering a selection of wines that are both affordable and interesting. From a saline Albariño to a strawberry-scented Tempranillo, the wines here are great fun and well worth your time.

Unit 16A, Tooting Market, 21-23 Tooting High Street, W17 0SN


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Not every natural wine bar necessarily has to have great food – good eats are usually just an added extra – but Elliot’s is a spot that shows you can be a jack of all trades without sacrificing anything at all. Sourcing most of their produce from nearby Borough Market, Elliot’s wood-fired grill is put to good use in giving everything from sourdough pizzas to Mangalitza pork loins a sexy kiss of char. Having been pouring natty wines since 2011, they’re also super knowledgeable about which wines are worth stocking. All of Elliot’s wines have been imported from growers who farm their land organically and/or bio-dynamically with zero or little additives added. Even if you think you’re not into natural wine, there’ll be a glass of wine here to change your mind.

12 Stoney Street, SE1 9AD

Cave Cuvèe

Despite having only just opened up, this “secret wine bar” from the folks behind Top Cuvèe has already become an it-spot among east London’s snappiest dressers. Expect small plates and wine with cute graphic labels. Which, as anyone who knows me will happily tell you, are two things I’m an absolute sucker for. Cave Cuvèe is a place to be seen.

250 Bethnal Green Road, E2 0AA

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