9 of the UK’s Best Coffee Subscriptions

From Two Chimps to Pact Coffee, these are our picks of the best coffee subscriptions in the UK. Your next ethical caffeine fix is sorted.
Rise and shine with a cup of coffee hand-selected from the good people at RiSE Coffee.

Coffee isn’t just a luxury to most people, it’s essential. On average in the UK, we drink around 2 cups of coffee per day. That’s two times a day where you can make the decision to fuel yourself with instant coffee granules or well-sourced single-origin coffee beans from an independent coffee roaster. The choice is completely up to you. But seeing as your morning coffee is probably the highlight of your working day (I know I personally end up bereft once I’ve finished it and realise I have nothing else to look forward to in my sad, little life) you should probably treat yourself to some of the good stuff every now and then. I’ve already written about some of the best natural wine subscriptions and the best cheese subscriptions around but I figured it’d be rude if I didn’t write about some of the cracking coffee subscriptions out there too.

I’m massively addicted to caffeine (I’m literally typing this drinking a coffee) and I spend quite a lot of my hard-earned money ensuring I’ve always got quality coffee beans at my disposal. One of the best ways I’ve found to keep myself readily supplied with good java is through coffee subscriptions. Not only are they an easy way of guaranteeing yourself an ethical brew but they’re also a great way to dip your toe into the world of coffee if you’ve never really understood how someone can find a coffee to be light and/or fruity.

There are heaps of different coffee subscriptions out there with each allowing you to tailor them to your own personal preferences and get some top coffee delivered to you on a regular basis. Some of them will grind the beans especially for whatever vessel you’re using to make your lovely hot bean water while others will simply give them to you in whole bean form and let you have your way with them. It’s pretty much up to you with one of the major benefits of these coffee subscriptions being how malleable and customisable they are.

Two Chimps Coffee

Two Chimps Coffee are a climate positive roastery that specialises in simple coffee subscriptions tailored just for you. You can select your preferred style of coffee (I’m a dark roast man, myself), the grind size you’d like, how much coffee you want, and the delivery frequency. You can tinker with that to your heart’s content and, using Two Chimps’ personal coffee plan, you’ll always have access to freshly roasted coffee at home. Not only that but every coffee order comes with free First Class Delivery and, with your first order, they’ll even go and plant a tree in your honour. That’s nice, isn’t it?

Rave Coffee


With a name that sounds like my ideal weekend agenda, Rave Coffee offers one of the best coffee subscriptions on the market. Getting a monthly subscription is a bit like enrolling in an online university course where you’ll get given an exciting and delicious coffee each month as well as a coffee tuition pack that includes coffee techniques, coffee knowledge, and coffee tips. You’ll be a regular James Hoffman in no time.

Stewarts of Trent Bridge

Stewarts is a Nottingham-based roaster that runs a few different coffee subscription services. The ‘Choose Your Own’ approach lets you create (and perfect) your own bespoke order from a range of blends while the ‘Coffee Lounge’ option is more of a surprise. For the latter, a coffee is selected, tested and roasted each month and then sent to you along with tasting notes and a little bit of information about the coffee. It’s an energising way to expand your horizons and check out producers and coffee styles you might have never heard of before.

Pact Coffee

Pact Coffee lifestyle4

A coffee plan is both something you make with a Hinge date and something you can make on the Pact Coffee website. This coffee subscription service lets you choose from three different coffee ranges and choose how often you want to receive your coffee. The cheapest range is the ‘House’ signature blend which will set you back £6.95 per 250g bag; the mid-range option is the ‘Select’ single-origin coffees a £7.95 per 250g bag; and the premium ‘Micro-lot’ range comes in at £9.95 per 250g for rare, high-scoring coffees. Whatever takes your fancy, you’ll have a grand time.

Just Bru

Just Bru aims to take all the hard work out of picking and choosing your coffee by sending you a curated box packed full of caffeine goodness. You can get a ‘Filter’ or ‘Espresso’ monthly subscription – each of which consists of a package of carefully selected coffee from Just Bru’s roasters of the month. The aim is to introduce you to a wide range of interesting coffee (don’t be surprised to find some fruitier, floral serves in the midst) with handy guides helping you learn more about where those beans have come from and how to get the best out of each cup. A wonderful little coffee subscription.

We Are Here


Keeping things simple is often the best approach when it comes to food and drink and We Are Here is a Margate-based coffee roastery that epitomises that K.I.S.S outlook. We Are Here’s subscription service consists of just four different styles of coffee perfectly designed for different methods of making your brew. Subscribe if you fancy getting yourself fuss-free coffee on the reg. Which, let’s be honest, you fancy quite a bit, don’t you?

Coaltown Coffee Roasters

Candle 1

Coaltown sounds like it should be the name of a Russell T. Davies period drama set during Thatcher’s Britain. It’s not that though. What Coaltown is is a lovely little Welsh coffee roaster that offers a lovely little weekly and monthly coffee subscription. Select your brew type, your coffee type, your grind type, your quantity, and your frequency. Once that’s all done, all you’ve got to do is wait for that sweet, sweet coffee to be delivered to your door. If you really want to support an independent roaster, try and convince your boss to get your office a subscription too. Just tell them “it’ll really boost our productivity and ensure we hit on all our most important deliverables” or something like that.

Batch Coffee

Batch Coffee Box

Part of the fun of getting into coffee is seeing how deep the rabbit hole goes. Uncovering hidden gems and new styles you’ve never had before is a huge appeal to someone like me. That’s why Batch Coffee’s coffee subscription is one of my favourites. Each box allows you to discover two new coffees roasted by the best independent coffee roasters in the UK. Whether you want that bi-weekly or monthly is up to you… and up to how much coffee you consume.

RiSE Coffee Box


You select the box that best suits your coffee penchant and RiSE will sort out the rest. To be specific, it’ll be RiSE’s founders Alice and Ben sorting you out as they blind taste and handpick the best-tasting coffees from 100s of roasters for your personal enjoyment. Each eco-friendly box comes packed with two packs of premium speciality coffee, an inspirational recipe card, and tasty treats from good eggs like Doisy & Dam and Minor Figures. What’s not to love?

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